Benefits of Betting with a Smartphone App

Technology has had a major and lasting impact on the gambling industry. The way bettors wager on their favorite sports events is almost unrecognizable from how they did just a decade ago. Advancements in technology have dragged the industry into the 21st century. There’s now no going back, much to the delight of bettors.

No longer are you required to visit your nearest sportsbook betting office on the high street or walk through the doors of a casino to bet on the leading sports. It can now be done from the comfort of your own home. The top bookmakers not only make it easier to bet, they even reward you for gambling. These rewards come in the form of a free bet available to all who open an online betting account with a top bookie.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed the benefits of online betting using your smartphone, you will be blown away by what’s available. Even if you are an experienced gambler, the industry is constantly improving, and you must keep up to speed with the changes. This article explains what’s available to bettors and the benefits of betting with a smartphone app.



The major change technology has made to the gambling industry is how convenient it is to place a gamble now compared to options open to bettors in the past. Download a mobile betting app to your IOS or Android device, and you will always be just a click away from betting on your favorite sports. You can gamble at home, in the garden or park, when on lunch or the commute home from work. Smartphone apps put you in control of when you bet, how you bet and where you bet.

The leading apps have homepage quick links which cover the standout sports of the day. Gamble on the evening’s live football match or the next horse race due off anywhere in the world at the touch of your screen. Wagers can be placed in seconds through a quick link, or you can browse the sports navigation bar and search for a bet of interest to you at generous odds. No need to visit a bookie, leave your own home or even set up your computer.

Logging in to your mobile app betting account is as simple as touching the screen. Most modern devices use fingerprint technology or face recognition. You will gain access to your account quickly and spend more time betting and less time inputting your password, username and digits. This is perfect for those who are gambling on the go.


Price comparison

Before the invention of desktop and mobile betting, comparing betting odds was a big job requiring many hours to complete. It was so much hassle to the bettor that most didn’t bother. They simply took the odds on their selection, such as a horse, and placed their stake money on the counter. In many cases, bettors weren’t getting the best deal. Suppose one bookmaker was offering odds of 5/1 for a horse while the other across town was offering 10/1 for the same selection. Of course, you’d want the 10/1 but would you like to travel to get it, taking public transport.

Online betting took the hassle out of comparing betting odds and promotions. Now you can log in to your account and choose the bet you want to place. You will then see the odds offered by your bookie. A simple web search on your device would take you to a respected betting odds comparison site. There you’d find a list of the odds offered by all bookies on the same selection. You’ll be surprised by the difference, and you may be surprised by how shorter your bookie is compared to the competition. You want to get the best odds on every bet you place. Even if it seems slightly different, such as 3/1, when you are getting 2/1, it all adds up. Those minor differences significantly impact your profits at the end of the year or a season.

Promotions like free bets and welcome bonuses are similar. Most apps offer new customers a welcome bonus free bet, but some are more generous than others. Online betting allows you to compare all available promos to grab the standout offer.