Black Ops Cold War: Top 5 Tips for Beginners

Call of duty black ops cold war is a first-person shooter game that lets players enjoy the intensity of the war front while navigating this terrain.

Released in 2020, players have had the chance to go through the game and learn its gameplay, making it difficult for new players to win games. Luckily for beginners, there is now a skill-based matching in the game where players of similar skill levels are matched.



Nevertheless, mastering black ops cold war is no easy task. It requires lots of practice and patience to accomplish this makes it difficult for newer players to really enjoy the game.

Everybody hates losing, so losing consecutively against more experienced players can be demoralizing. This is why this guide, that shows newer black ops cold war players tips they can use to become better players is so important.

With the right information, even new players can quickly improve their black ops skills and get to challenge more experienced players. Here are my top 5 tips for beginners to build up their skill level:

  1. Settings are Important

This is a mistake most players are guilty of. Forgetting the game settings and just going right in with the default settings can slow down your learning process.

While the enthusiasm of rushing to have a feel of a new game can be great, taking time out to tweak the settings of the game may save you further frustration along the line.

Do not copy other players’ settings either. You want to play around with the settings and find what works best for you. Things like camera type and angle, audio intensity, and sensitivity settings can help you play better during matches.

You want to own your game settings. Check out and tweak everything till it fits your needs perfectly. When you play a game that it’s settings have been tailored to you, everything, including your reaction time will improve.

Now, a good way to know your best settings is to play private matches, while trying out different settings and see which resonates best with you. With a fine-tuned audio, you’ll hear enemy footsteps and other activities near you.

  1. Pick Your Weapons Carefully

Some weapons are more powerful than others in the cold war game and choosing these weapons will give you a better chance of survival as a newbie. While you can customize your loadout from level 4 and be able to pack more powerful weapons from there on, there are still powerful weapons you can get early on in the game.

Some of the weapons you should be looking to get include MP5, SMG, XM4, AK-47, and M16 among others.

These guns can do a lot of damage; have decent firing speed and accuracy which are needed for you to take out an enemy quickly.

Some of these weapons do not look as appealing as the others in the game, but they are effective. When it comes to staying alive, you need effective weapons not aesthetically pleasing weapons.

  1. Know when to be Fast and when to Slow Down

As a beginner, you might struggle with the fast-paced nature of the game and that is normal. But a quick way to grasp the speed of the game and use it to your advantage is to know when to slow down and when to be fast.

When running, you lose a lot in accuracy so running and shooting is a no-no except necessary. Instead, slow down in these scenarios and improve your accuracy. Slowing down to get a breather and recover in a safe corner can also help.

Just jumping into battle with an opponent without first analyzing your chances and strategy can increase the chances of you getting killed.

When in combat, speed is usually beneficial. Combining your moves quickly will take the enemy off guard and prevent them from recovering till you finish them off.

  1. Learn from the Pros

Often overlooked but just as important as any other tip here – learning from the pros can dramatically improve your skill in cold war.

Professional players have put in unimaginable hours playing the game and have picked up invaluable skills in the process. By just watching how they play, you can learn some of the tricks they use when playing.

There are several ways to learn from these players who have mastered the game; watching them on YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms can be a great place to start. You can also join related gaming communities and actively participate in discussions.

Checking out gaming blogs can also be beneficial as more and more helpful tips are put out every time.

You can see their tactics, strategies and even be able to decipher their thought process when watching them play the game.

  1. Use Cheats

As a beginner, you’ll face experienced players that may make it so difficult for you to get any wins in the game. You will also face other players using cheats to play which will instantly put you at a disadvantage.

To level the playing field, you can use cheats of your own to play the game and increase your win rate even against experienced players. The game will no longer be frustrating and you can now enjoy every bit of it.

Bear in mind that the game’s manufacturers and some section of gamers frown at the use of cheats and can ban your account if you’re found out. Luckily, there are strong cold war cheats at that you can use without being found out.

If you’re a player that hates losing, playing with cheats will help you navigate the difficult maps in the game.


Don’t let the thought of learning the game deter you from enjoying this amazing call of duty game. Use these tips to get better and practice constantly to improve your skills and understand the controls better.

Bear in mind that while adopting one or two of these tips can improve your skills, implementing all the above listed tips can have massive impact on how well and how fast your skill improves.