Can Gaming Fix Damaged Brains?


Gaming online can now reduce the occurrence of brain diseases. Well, are you amazed? According to a recent research carried out in Australia, it has been noted that first-person shooter games like Medal of Honor or Counter-Strike can help rectify damaged brain cells and reduce the chances of a brain and neurological ailments. Abnormal complications within amyloid proteins lead to the occurrence of brain-related diseases. However, a lot of brain ailments are dependent on cognitive factors and gaming is perhaps one aspect that plays a good role in minimizing preventing damage of brain tissues. It has been found that people who are prone to playing shooter games have a lesser chance of brain damage.

Gaming online increases activity in the brain tissues

Damage to tissues in the brain occurs due to an ailment or traumatic brain injuries. This damages the nerve cells and ultimately begins to harm the Central Nervous System (CNS). The total formation builds the four lobes that are inside the brain and the spinal cord. The lobes comprise the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe and the occipital lobe. The lobes are responsible for creating our personality, senses, intellect, etc. According to renowned Neuropsychologist Dr Alexandra Vakili, gaming online in the form of action games can be an effective way to minimize the extent of the brain injury.

Gaming online can be used as a part of the rehabilitation package

According to neurologists, the injury and deterioration take place in the brain tissues, which affect the frontal and temporal lobes, once the amyloid-proteins reach the brain and CNS. In case of cognitive medication through gaming online, the lobes of the brain are targeted. Patients are first taught and trained on first-person shooter games. Gradually the tricks and strategies are taught and the results are analyzed in detail. As first-person shooter games involve hand-eye coordination, it provides energy to the brain cells and they are eventually repaired in course of time. It is a part of the rehabilitation therapy program.

Neurologists say that this kind of rehabilitation therapy through online gaming – it can be action-packed, sports-themed, VR games, mobile or internet casino games is indeed a breakthrough innovation and may be a significant step to cure brain injury and damage. More research is underway and very soon we may have more such breakthrough research techniques in the form of online gaming. They can be quite cost effective and can be a relaxing way to stabilize the patient’s brain. This way the brain will be able to function better and the patient will be able to take judgments easily and perform the necessary actions with ease. Slowly he or he will come back to normal lifestyle.

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