Compressor and Extractor for Archived Files


Below, you can acquaint yourself with the best software products that can help you zip files in a split second.



1. Archiver.

This program is a must-have tool for those who deal with sending docs or images on an ongoing basis. The app helps you reduce the size of a file, remove or split files on your computer. The latest version of this application allows users to preview files and extract only some of them (the ones you need most of all), open rar on Macbook. This process is fast because you’ll be asked just to drag and drop these docs.
If you care about the safety of your data, Archiver will protect them (the app will pack files, encrypt them and add a password). Besides, it is also possible to do split archives (you just need to choose the size of every chunk). With this software product, you’ll have an opportunity to use more than 28 archive types.
There is a free trial version, lasting for 2 weeks. This time is enough to check out the functionality of a program and decide whether you need to upgrade or try another app. The price for a full version is $19.99.

2. Keka.

This software is for those who used to work with high-quality tools only. Through the use of this application, you can compress files rapidly. To do this, it is enough to just drag and drop folders to this application. There is no limitation to the number of folders you can archive in one document.
The application will provide you with a wide array of formats (Bzip2, 7z, Tar, Zip, etc.) If your primary target is to compress one huge file, you can easily do this, but in this instance, you need to subdivide this doc into several parts and choose the necessary size. If necessary, users can choose a feature “Password protection” and their privacy will be under control. Except for Mac computers, the app is also compatible with Window or Linux-based devices.

3. Entropy.

This application was developed for Mac users and is deemed to be a high-quality unzipper application, which supports the technologies of OS X. Entropy can easily resource forks, extend attributes or read archives.
If you need to check out what you are going to extract, you can preview these documents before you press the button “Extract”. Besides, this application also cares about the safety of your files – all folders and docs are protected by a powerful encryption technology. Entropy deals with a variety of formats (NTFS, LZMA, RAR, CAB, etc.)
Entropy is not free and if you wish to check out all benefits of this program and use it on a rolling basis, you should pay $19.00.

4. iZIP.

This is a foremost application, allowing Mac users to control archives on their devices. This software solution is absolutely free, so you can test its functionality, avoiding financial losses.
This application also provides its users with an opportunity to share files securely. To do this, it is enough to click the Share button and the program will prompt you what to do next. iZip is regarded to be a powerful utility, which was developed for Mac users.
iZip supports encryption and big files. Users will protect their docs with the help of reliable AES encryption. Now, you shouldn’t care about the safety of your folders because the program will do this for you.
If necessary, you can share the archived file almost immediately. To do this, it is enough to make several clicks.
We have just reviewed several the most powerful applications, allowing users of Mac devices to compress or unzip files without any issues. You can give a try to several apps and select your favorite option.