Online Tech Tools for Writers

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Writing is an important skill across different subject areas and, despite the Shakespeare’s words “the pen is mightier than the sword”, to put pen to the paper is not enough for an effective writing. Throughout the years everything has its own changes, improvements, development, and we can’t deny the importance to move with the times. There is a wide range of tech tools, available online, to assist young writers to improve their skills and to make the writing as simple as counting to five.

1. Topic Suggestion Tools and research sites

The problem is in your head. It happens that the only one missing thing is the inspiration, and you simply can’t find the starting point. So, the question is how to get the ideas. At this stage, the Topic Suggestion Tool can assist you. Use your keywords, just entering it into a search field, and you will get the chance to choose it in a few seconds. The people, who prefer the visual presentation, have another option. These websites present the video information, online quizzes, brainstorms and other tools for involving you in the process. The content is crucial for your writing projects. The research sites can make a significant contribution to your work.

2. Strategies for Essay Writing

One more thing that portrays a significant role, is the outlining, which is a primary solution to generate your own writing strategy and structure your thoughts. The structural layout is a basis of your essay, which helps to develop a counterargument and a thesis, to make the final statements, conclusions and end results. You can use theoretic information on the educational sites and make a plan for your essay or ask for the assistance the professional companies.

3. Plagiarism Checker

Before everything else, the essay writer must remember that his work has to be unique, and the responsible customer or teacher will make sure that you have not plagiarized it from another source. Of course, you are using different sites and sources, searching for ideas and inspiration, but the plagiarism checker is a really good helper to check yourself before somebody else will check you.

4. Grammar checker

You can avoid misspelling and errors; eliminate punctuation mistakes and typos using the reliable grammar checkers. It considers the options to download the document into the application or type right inside it. One more feature is the suggestion of the similar words. It is a really helpful thing, when you are looking for the synonyms, but feeling not that creative.

5. Word-counter

Rich and meaningful language is the key to be the successful essay writer. This technical tool is aimed at reducing redundancies and repetitions in the text. The word counter gives you a possibility to count the number of times each word was used and understand, what should be changed.

6. Writing Speed Test

This game application is less popular, but it is in demand among the young writers, who have made a decision to connect their life with the writing. You can improve your typing skills, release your mind and have some fun. One more reason to try this app is the famous pieces, offered for checking your typing speed.

7. Readability Test Tool

The last but not least is this more professional tool for the experts, who are afraid to be misunderstood genius. The text can be too complicated for the average readers and prevent the delivering of the main idea. Make no mistake and check the readability of your paper.

These assistive technology tools are available for those, who struggle with writing and once the process was started, it will get better and better. The young writer must use this arsenal to make his job easier and to bring it to the perfection.