Gadget Ogling – Activity Tracker and a Beauty Accessory for Women!


Gone are the days when women used to sit at home, watching TV soaps and having a lot of time to relax for themselves. Today they have become even more career-oriented which means they have additional roles and responsibilities to fulfill. Hence there is an increase in pressure to maintain work-life balance and so the chances of stress levels shooting up are also quite high.


But most devices serving this purpose of maintaining good health have a reputation for being quite bulky and difficult to carry around. Are you worried about these devices ruining your perfect look while at work? No worries, here are some perfect devices that not only keep a track of your health but also complement your looks.

That is when the necessity to monitor your health comes into the picture. So why not make the best out of new technologies. These gadgets could be a solid way to help ensure your health is robust. So, one of the top online and mobile casinos which houses an amazing collection of UK mobile slots have taken the chance to list out the best gadgets for women to make use of.


Bellabeat’s Leaf and Urban

Bellabeat which is a high-tech company founded in 2014 and well known for manufacturing hi-tech jewellery, had recently launched a fitness tracker -cum-smart jewellery. It has been designed to understand your daily routine to help you feel your best. This smart device tracks your breathing, sleep activity and monthly cycles through the smartphone app. It has been physically designed in such a way that its advanced technology has been placed deep inside the wood housing, giving it a velvety touch.



Amazfit is quite stylish in its appearance, it allows you to track and record the number of steps you have taken, distance travelled, and the calories burnt. This tracker will also monitor the quality of your sleep and receive incoming call vibration alerts. There are two styles of the wristband- Moonbeam and Equator. There are also interchangeable accessories provided to suit your moods. Amazfit is one of the slimmest activity trackers available. It would perhaps take more than a guess to realise that this device is not just an accessory.



Fitbit Versa looks smaller and slicker than Ionic model, it has been designed keeping in mind the feminine target audience. This device is water-resistant, with a high-quality 1000 nit display. This smart device can track the monthly cycle. Through fitness tracking, it allows the user to access the daily, weekly and monthly fitness data such as the calories burnt, heart rate patterns etc.  Over a period, this continuous accumulation of the collected data will help in creating a more personalized approach to staying active, getting more sleep etc. Versa even offers fitness guidance through Fitbit Coach and allows swim-tracking with water-resistance feature up to 50 meters. It is sold in different colors, designs etc and comes packaged with a black Classic accessory band.