How to Choose the Best CDN Provider


CDN providers are responsible for regulating your content over the internet. They help to boost performance, availability, security and intelligence of a business.

Different geographical areas have different network needs and it is the duty of CDN providers to make sure all users have a good overall experience. If you’re running a website or an online business, then you need to choose a CDN provider that is capable of handling huge traffic. For this you need to go for CDN price comparison and other such comparisons to make sure you pick the best CDN provider.

CDN providers are capable of handling huge data as they have large servers, big networks and peering capabilities and more importantly, they have teams dedicated to specific tasks to ensure continuous flow of data.

Here’s how you can choose the best CDN provider:

Your CDN Provider Should Have Many Servers

There may be many CDN providers around you but you need to look out for the one whose servers are great in number and are spread around the globe. When you are managing an online business or a website then you will most likely encounter visitors and customers from around the globe. This is why a CDN provider who has servers in many regions is required so that your website works smoothly in all parts of the world.

A huge number of servers are also needed to ensure huge traffic, and as backup in case something goes wrong.


Look into the analytics of the CDN provider you think is the best fit for you. Make sure it has:

? A good response time.

? Better DNS time.

? Less wait time.

? Can handle huge number of requests from different regions, and also within same regions.

? Good bandwidth (According to your website needs)

Other than that, you need to ensure that the CDN provider offers good network time. Network time refers to how fast a user connects to the network without losing any information packet in the process of reconnecting.

It is common for speed to slow down during peak hours, but this can be handled with the help of better resources, to make sure to check that as well.

Best Technology And Support

It is important that you choose a CDN server that implements the latest techniques and uses modern technology. Nowadays, more businesses are into streaming videos and sharing files that pushes their data usage, as a result there is a need for more space, bandwidth in addition to technology that allows easy streaming.

Mishaps are bound to happen sooner or later that is why you need to ensure that the CDN provider has a 24/7 support to address your queries and solve your issues. The option to live chat can also be of great help.

Price Factor

Since budget is never infinite, you need to be careful regarding price. Make sure to pick a provider who is well within your budget. Also, check out for extra or hidden fee as well.


Online threats are inevitable therefore you need to choose a CDN provider that provides good level of security and doesn’t let outside threats get into your network and leak user information.