Weird and Wonderful Things the Apple Watch Can Do

It has been over two years since the Apple Watch was first released, and two years is plenty of time for many unique and wonderful developments to be made on the Apple Watch OS platform. Here are several applications and inbuilt functions that you might not know the Apple Watch has.



With new technology come new wacky ways to have fun. Did you know the Apple Watch even has its very own fidget spinner app? There’s also an online slot available for the Apple Watch, Thunderstruck II. To get a glimpse of the gameplay that’s been ported to the wearable, click here. If you prefer everyday browsing over games, you can view online videos on Youtube or through the VLC Remote app, or read bite-sized snippets of Wikipedia with the V for Wikipedia app.  The Apple Watch also features a cute pixel pet game called Watchi, which will probably remind you of the classic Tamagotchi toys which were incredibly popular in the nineties. The developer Niantic has even brought out a Pokemon Go companion for the Apple Watch, which makes catching the little critters even easier.


Source: (Tamagotchi Via Facebook)


Smart Watches for Smart Homes

Aside from games, the Apple Watch features many weirdly convenient functions. For example, the Apple Watch 2 is completely waterproof up to 50 meters. And, after you’ve gone for a swim you can use it as a key-card to go back to your room in several Starwood and Marriott hotel branches. You can also control parts of your home from your watch as its inbuilt app HomeKit can remotely control compatible lights and thermostats, and set the house to specific bookmarked settings.

Smart Car Integration

In addition, various car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen offer iPhone and Watch companion apps which let you control your car’s navigation, check gas and tire levels, control your air con and enable valet alert, which tells you if your car is being moved from its designated parking place. You can use your Apple Watch as a remote control for your Apple TV and iTunes with its inbuilt Remote app. You can also use your watch to secure or to quickly unlock your MacBook or Mac computer; click for more information.


The new BMW 1 Series features full app compatibility. Source (BWM via Facebook)


Even More

Other unusual apps you don’t know you need include Glimpse, which lets you select a specific section of a webpage and view it from your watch as it updates in real-time. Pair this with Watchup to never miss a detail on what’s happening around the world. If you’re a music lover, Soundhound listens to songs for you before telling you its name, artist and where it can be found. If you and your friends are terrible at making decisions then Who Pays the Beer is the perfect way to decide on a solution. Lastly, if using your phone is too much of a hassle, Zello is an app that turns your Apple watch into a Walkie Talkie that can communicate with other nearby Apple Watches.

There are rumors that the Apple Watch 3 is close on the horizon, and when it releases it will be closely followed by many new and interesting features and apps. So just when you think you have mastered the Apple Watch, there will be even more functions available.