How to Get More Likes on Your Post

Likes are important no matter the social media platform. They help you gauge whether people are interested in what you have to say or whether you need to switch up your content. While some people may not consent, likes are a significant factor that influences your popularity on many of these networks. In fact, some platforms use a combination of views and likes to recommend your content as popular or must watch.




There are those days you take a picture or write a message and think, wow, today I’m going to break the internet. Minutes, become hours which become days, and you do not get as many likes or views as you anticipated. You are here because you want to find out what you might be doing wrong. Don’t worry you are not alone. Many social media users put up content expecting to get a lot of love but end up with very few likes.

Let’s explore further the art of getting likes.

Check your posts


Before you share anything on your page or profile, really consider any implications it could have. Try and avoid extremely controversial or offensive posts that will spark negative emotions. The anonymity of social media allows anyone to react to whatever you post whichever way they see fit. Negative responses always lead to a reduced number of likes. Instead, find content that is helpful, inspiring or just goddamn funny. Positivity in your posts will similarly attract positive responses from people on the internet.

If you choose to talk about a serious or delicate matter, do so in a way that you do not offend any party. Remaining objective to these issues not only safeguard you from negative clap back but helps opposing sides to see the neutral grounds.



Attention-grabbing content is often viewed, liked and probably reposted than plain or regular counterparts. I’m not talking about negative attention, positive vibes only. Whether it is a well-timed picture or a funny video, make sure to grab attention with each post. Boring posts don’t get likes. Commanding attention does not mean shocking your followers. You might want to develop a fifth sense in treading the line between attention-grabbing and just plainly shocking. Do not go overboard thinking; this is bound to turn some heads. This kind of content often ends up being shocking and in many cases, offensive. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is insult the billions of people on social media.

Consistency is the best policy


Keeping up with timely posts regularly is an excellent way to ensure you are not forgotten. The more often you post, the more likely your likes and views will increase. Importantly, don’t just bombard people with irregular content, set up a schedule of sorts and post at optimum times when you are certain many people are online. During these instances, more people see your post and respond to it. Regular uploads give people something to look forward to since they are used to your posts at a particular time during the day or in the week.

Remember, just because you are consistent does not excuse you from being interesting. Keep posting content that people want to read or view. Interested audiences are more likely to like your content as compared to bored audiences.

Stay true, stay you


Many people appreciate “realness” on these platforms. They want someone whom they can relate to and share similarities. Being true to who you are might earn you those Ig likes you’re looking for. Besides, fabricated personalities aren’t as fun as you think they are. Do you know why Cardi B gets so many likes? Apart from being a world-famous musician, she is true to who she is as a person. Trying to be someone else doesn’t work out especially if you suck at it. Being yourself is actually less tedious and feels more natural. It saves you all the stress of struggling to be someone else and gives a lot more love from your viewers.

However, do not use the be yourself excuse to offend or insult people on the internet. Remember, you are just trying to entertain or enlighten people with your content. Being yourself doesn’t mean pushing sensitive agendas and calling for it.

Keep it short and sweet

Have you ever been frustrated by how long a message is? If you had to type your post elsewhere then copy-paste it to your page or profile, IT IS PROBABLY TOO LONG. People want snippets which they can look at, review and move on to the next one. Overly done posts or captions turn away viewers and potential likes. Try to limit yourself as twitter does. If what you have to say is too long, distribute it over a number of posts to keep your audience hooked as they await the next upload. Make it a sequel or series that has your audience hanging on every post.

And so?

One common thing about highly liked posts is their relevance to the media platform or the audience. You have to be able to read what people want to see or hear and translate that into your post. Present something trendy and up to date. You can throw back sometimes and rewind to some memories or ideas, but keep your audience happy with what’s hot.

Let your hair down

Being extremely serious or too professional might rob you of those likes you want so badly. Learn to loosen up a little. Make a joke or two once in a while. Let people see you smile. If your content caries one note, people are bound to get bored and move on. Sure there are times you need to be serious but show a variety of emotions. Some versatility is useful in drawing in your viewers and keeping them interested.

In closing, desiring more likes on your different social media takes a lot of work not unless you’re a cute puppy trying to get into a teacup. Those just come effortlessly. When you stick to some of these like hacks, the like notifications tone on your phone will keep ringing nonstop.