How to Make Money on Casino Affiliate Programs

A casino affiliate is a person a part of the casino affiliate program that provides the tools and equipment they require to explore and target new players for the sake of their casino. There are many pros and cons to being a casino affiliate. A few of the pros include bringing more attention to a problem and having a good ROI (Return of Investment) which will increase your sales. A few cons include potentially affecting the reputation of an individual and some issues may take some time and effort to resolve.


This article was developed and submitted by Aristocrat slot games fan and website owner of Martin Robinson. 


Affiliate Marketing: How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work

Casino Affiliate Programs work by providing a person (referred to as an affiliate) with a special link to the casino. Once that affiliate gets someone (a new customer) to use that link, the affiliate gets paid and the casino also benefits since the new customer will bring in more business. There is a lot of potential for affiliates in casino affiliate programs since there is always room for more business. You can expect an affiliate to earn anywhere from 4 to 6 figures. The above algorithm is used in all affiliate marketing work.


Payment Models in the Gambling Affiliate

There are two formats of cooperation as an affiliate which we will be discussing today, one of which is CPA networks. These formats of cooperation can either hurt or benefit the affiliate depending on the offer presented.  Some Casino companies offer CPA, this stands for “cost per acquisition”. In this mode, the affiliate is paid when he redirects someone to the casino’s site. This is a good format of cooperation since everything is fixed and agreed upon, but it does not benefit the affiliate greatly since they are being paid very little per visit. The other format of cooperation is working with the casinos. In this method, you get paid depending on what you and the casino agree upon (it is not a traditional affiliate method). This can benefit you greatly or hurt you depending on the deal made. For example, if the casino tells you that they will pay you about $50 per 100 visits, you are initially getting ripped off as the casino will be projected to make ten times more than what they offered you. The most common deal to make is $1 per visit which is common and adequate for an affiliate. Let’s discuss the various models of commission for affiliates:

  • CPA stands for cost per acquisition. It is an advertising model used to manage various affiliate programs. The affiliate gets paid every time he/she redirects someone (potential customer) to their site. You should discuss the rates with your respective casino beforehand to get the best deal.
  • CPL is an advertising model that stands for Cost per Lead. In this model, the affiliate is paid every time someone uses their link to generate leads. An example of a lead is signing up after using the link. This is a very common model and is widely used to get more users to commit to their site.
  • Revenue-share is also known as cost per sale marketing. In this method, the affiliate is paid whenever the customer (that has used the affiliate’s link) purchases something in the casino such as spins and more! The affiliate is usually paid a small percentage of what the customer has purchased in the casino.
  • Mixed models, you can custom set up an affiliate marketing model with your casino based on data analysis to figure what the best method would be. This type of model is very rare to be seen. Moreover, it is not used as much as the others in the industry.


How Much Can You Make from Affiliate Marketing

After tons of marketing research, we have found an approximation to what you can earn by being an affiliate promoting casinos. If you are an affiliate for a few sites, you can make up to about ten thousand US dollars a month. This of course depends on you and your abilities as well. All in all, you can earn from 2 to 6 figures if you play your cards right. Your following plays a major role in affiliate marketing since you will need to have people that are willing to visit sites when you recommend them. The top 5% of people make over 1 million USD every month! There are many studies on how to become a casino influencer in 2022 that provide practical advice and guidance.


How to Become an Online Casino Affiliate 

A lot of people will be thinking that becoming an affiliate is expensive, but we are here to tell you that it is completely free! You should not be signing up for paid affiliate programs at all. For you to start this business, you must have a good and engaging social media page with many followers to become an affiliate. To find the partners, you will have to apply and message many sites if they are looking for an affiliate to hire. We will be going into detail about the things you need to become an online casino affiliate.

  • Choose a market/niche. To become an affiliate, you will first have to set your eyes on a specific market that you will constantly target. An example of a market is an online casino or blog site.
  • Plan your website. Do meticulous research into making your website so viewers will be interested and more engaged with the content you put out.
  • Build your website from the ground up. Having a well-built site will attract more people who love the easy and well-structured site.
  • Sign up for affiliate programs. Once you have done the above steps, start posting regularly to develop a following. Afterward, sign up for affiliate programs to attract more people to the things you have to offer on your site.
  • Promote your site. Start promoting your site in these programs! You will slowly start to see the different affiliate programs on your site.


Casino Affiliate: Target Audience

It is extremely important to research the audience you will be targeting in affiliate marketing. Subjects such as age, gender, county, and country are extremely important for your affiliate marketing to succeed. If you do not target an audience, your Casino Affiliate Program will likely fail before it even begins! We will now describe the features in the list below in correlation to Casino Affiliate Programs. 

  • GEO (America, Europe, Asia) is a region you are specifically targeting. For example, if someone says “I am targeting Asian GEO’s”, it just means that you are targeting Asian Countries. Choosing a specific GEO is extremely important since it will lay the groundwork for everything else you do in your Casino Affiliate Programs. Depending on the GEO you choose, you can start converting impressions and clicks into cash in just 2 weeks. 
  • In Casino Affiliate Programs, newcomers are valued more than regular customers since a newcomer means more revenue which also benefits the affiliate. A regular will provide revenue, but only a small amount will go to the affiliate because they will rarely use the link given to them and directly open the site. Moreover, newcomers tend to spend a lot more than regulars since they are looking to ball out. 
  • There is a lot of prosperity in Casino Affiliate Programs. On average, a person in this program will start making 6 figures in 2 years or less depending on his/her dedication! If not properly cared for, your prosperity will be considerably lower than that of other affiliates. There is also a large demand for affiliates because there is no such thing as enough business in online casino sites! Device (mobile/desktop) and OS. You can become a Casino Affiliate using mobile, IOS, and desktop! However, the most common device is mobile since people can use them to affiliate from anywhere in the world. Social media influencers mainly use mobile for their affiliate work so they can share their faces and properly promote the respective site to their fans.


Note: The casino industry is in huge demand, so those who go through the hardest stages are the most successful. Particularly in demand among gamblers are slots youtube channels with reviews of the most popular virtual casino and online pokies games.


How to Make Affiliate Casino Website

To make a Casino Website, you must first choose which site you will use to host (we recommend HTML). Then, choose a domain name that is catchy and easy to search for. Then, find a CMS (content management system) that fills your needs such as WordPress. Afterward, start designing! Make sure to add a page in your casino that allows affiliates to join without a problem! Make sure you convey your message to the web developer, content manager, and marketing specialist beforehand so they can get everything done with quality.


What to Look for in the Online Casino Affiliate Programs

When starting an Online Casino Affiliate Program, we recommend that you choose products that renew monthly so that the stock does not run out and everyone can get it. Make sure to get in business with the right vendors at a good rate that both you and the vendor are comfortable with. Moreover, we suggest having lifetime payouts so people keep on returning after playing once! We also recommend a good CPA (Cost per action) rate so the affiliates also stay engaged with your site. There are three things that every successful casino affiliate program has at its disposal: 

  • Responsive Marketing Team. Having a marketing team that is very responsive and helpful to your customers is extremely important so that people keep on returning and committing to your program.
  • Integrity. Developing integrity with a well-known program is important towards success. You cannot be worried about your partnership with someone throughout the process.
  • Speedy Payment. Make sure to pay your affiliates accordingly. Do not take more time than necessary and pay them on a per month basis. Once the start of the new month comes, pay them for their work so they stay committed to you!


Affiliate Gambling: How to Promote Online Casinos

Before we go into details, we would like to say that gambling is NOT legal in all countries. Some countries have stricter laws and do not allow such actions to take place. Traffic is the number one way to promote online casinos. You must have an organic traffic source (via SEO) to attract as many people as possible since buying traffic will only lead to the downfall of your site. The correlation between a traffic source and an ad campaign is that one cannot prosper without the other. An ad campaign draws traffic to a specific site. We will now discuss the different affiliate traffic sources for you to utilize.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the best way to direct organic traffic to your site by using focus keywords that are searched on the internet. For example, I am looking for a gambling site with a “Disney” theme. I would then search on Google “Disney-themed gambling casino” to get the best possible result. This is extremely beneficial since it keeps customers regularly seeing your site whenever they search for a gambling site. The one disadvantage of this method is that it takes a lot of time to prosper and needs constant attention to reach its full potential.
  • PPC / Pay Per Click is another way that you can use to generate traffic on your site. In this method, an affiliate promotes your site using a special generated link that shows the number of people that joined using that link itself. This generates traffic and money for your site which is then divided between the owner and the affiliate for bringing in that traffic. The only disadvantage is that there is no guarantee that every person who joins using the link is guaranteed to spend on the respective site.
  • Email marketing is one of the oldest traffic-generating methods. The casino owner sends out thousands of emails to different people explaining to them a special deal to their respective casino. This will most likely catch the user’s attention and he\she would be encouraged to give it a try. Although this is an old method, it is a dying art that rarely generates any traffic at all since most people assume it is malware and delete the email right away (especially in the case of online casinos).
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is an excellent method to generate traffic. In this method, the casino owner reaches out to a respective social media influencer in hopes of hiring him to make a few posts about his\her website. This will guarantee a LOT of traffic as the fans of the influencers will flood the owner’s casino site. The one problem with this method is that it requires payment upfront and there is no guarantee that the users of that specific influencer are interactive or not. 
  • YouTube is an excellent method to generate traffic, especially for gambling sites. YouTube allows the owner of the casino site to post an ad about his/her respective site to generate traffic. Many people are attracted by YouTube ads and it is a successful traffic source to date. One disadvantage of generating traffic from YouTube is that you (the owner) do not have any control over who gets to see your ad. 
  • Telegram is another source of traffic that is quite reputable. They allow users to group messages with others in their contacts to let them know about their site. They also offer a promotion program that will show your site off to thousands at a time. The only problem with telegram is that it is not very famous with the younger generations. So, you can only target people of age on this application.
  • Applications are one of the most common ways to generate traffic. The casino site owner contacts the owner of the application he/she wants to promote his site on and gets a quote. Under this quote, the owner’s site is advertised to thousands of users that could then potentially be customers. The one disadvantage of advertising on applications is that the users who use these applications find it extremely annoying and do not tend to follow up on these ads. 


Best Tips for Gambling Affiliate 

Be careful though! Prosperity does not come overnight! To become a success in the affiliate market business, you will have to generate traffic through the affiliate links to convert these clicks into potential sales. You will also have to build a massive platform where you interact with your fan base. If you want to see a potential future in this business, you must use the following tips and advice.


  • It’s not easy money. You must be aware that affiliate marketing is not easy money and that it requires work to build. You cannot just make a system, leave it as it is, and expect it to be a success. It requires hours of troubleshooting and tweaks before it becomes the perfect cork in your machine.
  • Knowing your target audience is very important for a gambling affiliate. You cannot just pick up someone that is over 50 and expect everything to work. You will have to research the best age of a gambler that is online and then choose accordingly.
  • Finding good affiliate deals is another important tip that one should never forget. If you do not form a reasonable deal, there is a good chance that you will be losing money and commissions that you didn’t know of! Search for previous affiliate deals to make an estimate and know that you will not be ripped off!
  • Making quality content is one of the most important things you could do to run a successful gambling affiliate. If your content is not good, then all the newcomers will not even stay for a minute to try out a game!
  • Making sure that you declare a niche is extremely important before you do anything else. You will have to follow that specific niche no matter what game you employ. Driving away from a pre-set niche would worry customers as they would no longer want to spend their money on your site!
  • Test and improve your site and marketing strategy. Constantly testing your site on a daily basis and making sure your marketing strategy is up to date is very important for your business. If your site has a constant lagging issue, customers will be discouraged and leave your site so make sure you increase the capacity of users depending on your daily visitors. Updating your market strategy allows you to run with the market without falling behind or being overtaken by the competition!
  • Tracking every major achievement that you unachievable is a good way to build up charisma for you and your team! It builds confidence and shows that there is a purpose to be fulfilled here! It will show your team the fruits of their labor and be proud of them!
  • Defining your objectives in a time frame shows that you are someone who expects results in time. It helps build up strong leadership and makes you be admired by your team! If no time frame is given, there is a good chance that you and no one else will do the job quickly. Having objectives to be done always keeps everyone on your team busy to complete them.
  • Remember about mobile devices in the marketing strategy. Last but not least, remember that mobile devices are the number one user device in the gambling affiliate. You must make sure that your site is mobile-friendly and market your site based on mobile users. It will help you reach more users and potentially generate more traffic and money.