How to Tell if Your Phone Is Being Tracked

Let’s get this out of the way quickly. Yes, you are being tracked, and your smartphone does listen to you. Google and Facebook, along with advertisers and ISPs, all constantly spy on your phone’s activity. This isn’t just happening to you, but to everybody who has a smartphone.



This is something you should always keep in mind whether somebody has planted tracking software directly onto your phone. Snoops are everywhere in the online world.

In this article, we’ll first tell you how to detect spyware warning signs and then dive into how you can protect yourself against these and all the other privacy threats out there.

Are you ready to enhance your phone’s safety? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Warning Signs of Spyware

Tracking software comes in many varieties. Some report your location while other types go further and access messages and even your camera and microphone.

If you’ve noticed some unexplained changes in your phone’s performance, this may be a sign of tracking software. Pay attention to things like:

– Spikes in data usage

– Battery draining faster than normal

– Your phone overheating

– Apps you don’t recognize

– Your smartphone is slower it used to be

Opportunity is Everything

Installing tracking apps generally requires direct access to your phone. Has your phone gone missing recently? Does anybody else have access to it? Has it been jailbroken?

It doesn’t take long for somebody to install spyware on your phone. If you can’t account for your smartphone’s whereabouts for even a few minutes, then there’s a chance someone may have downloaded spyware onto it.

What You Should Do If You Detect or Suspect Spyware

Act quickly. It will be difficult for you to find evidence of who may be tracking you directly. You’re better off removing all spyware apps as quickly as possible. You should also update your operating system and consider doing a factory reset of your phone.

Since there’s no telling what types of data the person may have extracted from your device, you need to pay close attention to your bills and credit score. You may also want to file a fraud alert with your credit bureau.

How to Prevent Your Phone From Being Tracked

Things come full circle. While the actual threat of somebody directly installing spyware onto your phone is relatively low. But you shouldn’t forget all the other people who are tracking you even as you read this article!

Whether it’s Facebook, Google, advertisers, or cybercriminals, this threat to your privacy is real. Fortunately, you can effectively and affordably protect your privacy with a few security tools.

First and foremost, you need a VPN. What is a VPN? A VPN or virtual private network both anonymizes your IP address and encrypts your internet connection. It is the best way to increase your privacy and security anytime you’re online. Turn it on, and you’ll be so much safer.

Besides, you need to enhance both your device and account security. Your phone must have a PIN code that’s immediately required anytime you’re away from it. Also, use biometrics like facial recognition and fingerprint scans.

At the same time, you should protect your online accounts with unique, complex, and lengthy passwords. These passwords are not only much more difficult for hackers and other snoops to crack, but should one account be breached; the others will still be secure.

You can store all your passwords in a password manager, a secure digital vault that’s safer, but makes it more convenient for you to access your account. Don’t forget to use additional tools like two-factor authentication, to create another line of protection.

You should also ensure that your operating system and apps are always up to date. By doing so, you’ll have the latest security patches, which should prevent spyware from leaking your data.

Finally, take advantage of many security apps that will not only detect spyware apps but all kinds of potential threats to your phone. Just as you run scans on your computers, check your phone 1-2 times per week with these apps to make sure nobody is tracking what you do.

Protect Yourself From All Kinds of Privacy Threats

The internet is amazing. It connects us to so many opportunities. Unfortunately, there are some bad actors out there who use this same connectivity to spy on people. Keep yourself safe and start using these proven security tips and tools now.