How to Win Back a Bonus Deposit: Strategies and Tips



Often, an online casino for Aussie players attracts players using bonuses to support the motivation and loyalty of players. This could be a welcome bonus, gift for depositing the account, birthday bonus, and others. According to the conditions for receiving rewards, it can be divided into two main types:


  • With additional terms for receiving and withdrawing funds. This can be as a certain amount of bets or their number, a fixed rate of the bet;
  • Without other conditions. Issued not in cash, but in the form of free spins or chips.

Improving the chances of success will help compliance with several rules:

  • Wager the bonus (if possible) on different slots and machines;
  • If possible, win back a slightly larger amount than is necessary under the conditions, so you show your loyalty to the institution;
  • Do not rush to withdraw the bonus. Otherwise, you may fall under suspicion of the casino security service and even face the blacklist.

A way to receive the roulette game bonus and win some decent cash

To successfully withdraw a bonus by playing roulette, select a regular table, or any other, but not the American one. It has a double zero, which dramatically reduces the chances of winning – do not risk it.

A betting scheme might be the following: the size of the bonus is $ 100, so divide the amount in half and bet both in red and black. One of the bets will win, without even going straight to the plus, you won’t go to the minus either.

General recommendations for players

Before wagering casino bonuses, please note that the larger the bonus and wager, the longer the game can last. We recommend that you thoroughly prepare for the beginning of the struggle for luck.

Start the game rested, in a cheerful state, otherwise quick fatigue can lead to thoughtless risky decisions.

Check out the reviews of the casino where you plan to play. Be convinced of its honesty concerning payments, availability of the license.

Do not risk trying to hit the jackpot. The possibility of such a win is rather low; besides, there are often restrictions on wagering bonuses on jackpot machines.

Casinos that prohibit wagering bonuses on the most popular slots or roulette should be avoided.

Eliminate the auto-game modes, so you run the risk of quickly losing the entire deposit.