Life is Strange Lives Up to its Name.


I just finished playing the game Life is strange a few weeks ago. And it left me with the same kind of feeling I had at the end of the Harry Potter series: happy to have gone through a journey with great characters, but also deeply wounded.

Life is Strange is a graphic adventure game, that comes to you in five episodes. If you enjoyed other episodic, narrative games like The Walking Dead, you are really going to have a great time playing Life is Strange. In this game you play as the protagonist Max. Max discovers that she has the ability to rewind time and change the outcome of events. You have to solve various puzzles and overcome obstacles in order to uncover a string of strange happenings in the small town of Arcadia Bay. A missing student, and some weird weather patterns are just the beginning of some very disturbing incidents. You get to walk around Max’s school, Blackwell Academy, and interact with various friends and teachers. You have a lot of choice in this game; from who you talk to, what you say to each person and where you go. You also get the opportunity to rewind time and try out different actions if you do not feel satisfied with the outcome. At the end of each episode, there is a page in the scrapbook that shows you all of the possible decisions you could have made –and which ones you did choose. This includes everything from minor choices like watering your pot plant to much bigger choices (no spoilers here!)

There are some wonderful plot twists that barely anyone sees coming, thus constantly keeping you on your toes and wondering who truly has good intentions. The graphics are great, but the slang and type of language used can get a bit annoying after a while. The music throughout the game is so well picked, it will make you angry the next time you play a game with sub-par music choice! I had heard some people complain about a few lip-syncing issues in some of the earlier episodes, but to be completely honest I never noticed a problem myself.

In this game you are faced with hard decisions that will shatter your heart. And that is when playing G-d becomes less light-hearted. You have to make life and death choices for other characters, and also have the arduous task of weighing up what kinds of trauma will affect your (Max’s) friend the least. While it is still fun and thrilling, it can also be an anxiety provoking game. The time travel function does allow you to try out different realities, but when all possible outcomes are grim for the character, it can be a tough choice.

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