Make Your Products Stand Out on Amazon – A Brief SEO Guideline



Just like Google, Amazon also has a search engine algorithm in place which helps in finding products for customers based on the keywords they use in their search. Again, as you would work on your site or link’s SEO for Google, you need to work on the SEO of your product listings.


Now you can use a consultant, like Tom Buckland, to get the very best results and have your listings always ranked on the top. However, there are some general rules that everyone should follow, even if it’s just to stay above water, if not compete with the best.


Keyword research is vital when it comes to any type of SEO. When you’re conducting keyword research for Amazon SEO, you don’t need to follow any different set of rules from regular SEO keyword research. Your search will just be more buyer or consumer-focused.

Also, because buyers tend to use long-tail keywords (“keywords” with two or more words) your research should focus them depending on the type of product you want to list. Make sure your keywords are as wide-reaching as possible as even one missing keyword can make the difference between a top listing and a low ranking entry.


With your keyword search done, you need to optimize your product page. All the information about the product needs to be incorporated into the page in an organized manner. A balance is necessary as it can’t just be a barrage of words that covers every possible keyword either. To ensure this, you need a template that you need to apply consistently on each and every one of your listings.

The entire process involves a lot of trial and error but you can have a basic starting point at the very least. Your basic template can display information with the brand and product, in the beginning, followed by the model number, size varieties, colors, and finally a detailed product description. Keywords should be inserted in an organic manner that keeps the flow of information intact. If your keyword usage is choppy and abundant, the search algorithms aren’t going to pick your product page.


Amazon has guidelines for vendors. These aren’t just rules or advice from Amazon, but rather useful tips, especially when it comes to guidelines for visual content. Images and videos do play a major role when it comes to advertising your products, but they also have an impact on your Amazon SEO. The search algorithm reacts heavily to the user experience and images which enhance the user experience are going to be noticed by Amazon.

You need to keep the quality of images and pixel counts at a standard level, at least above 1000×1000. If you have HD pictures with zoom enhance functions, then you’ve hit the gold standard as users nowadays look for that a lot.


When it comes to your text, you need to follow a very clean and organized format. Use bullet points when you’re discussing different aspects of your product and be consistent with the font and size of the text throughout the page. Also try to keep the tone of the information consistent, regardless of whether you’re being casual or formal.