Mokena Air Conditioning Repair Advice – Fixing Air Conditioners in Mokena, IL

The earth in its unique nature is able to support different climate zones at the same time, ranging from hot to temperate regions. Perhaps it is human nature that those of us in hot regions want to stay cool while people in cold regions want warmth. Before technology, this was achieved through the use of fire or simply letting air through the window. Thankfully, we don’t need to rely on such crude methods anymore.


Air conditioners came to save the day as these appliances enable us to create artificial climates in our homes. After a hot day out, cooling down is as simple as turning on your AC. They are not indestructible, however, and could break down occasionally.

When this happens, what could be wrong? In this article, we will explore possible issues that might affect your air conditioner and how you could resolve them.

What Could Be Wrong with My AC?

It Could Be Your Thermostat

You’re sitting on your couch and suddenly the air conditioner trips off even though there is power in the building. Before you get worked up and call a technician, why don’t you check the thermostat? Thermostats regulate the temperature of your AC and if they run out of power, the air conditioner will also stop functioning. Replace the battery of the thermostat; you could also check if the wiring at the back is intact.

Inspect the Fuse

There are certain safeguards put in place to prevent your air conditioner from getting damaged by electric current overload. One of these safeguards involves the use of a circuit or electrical breaker as it is sometimes called.

In the event of an electrical overload or short circuit, the circuit breaker would cut off all power going into the appliance. The purpose of this is to protect the AC from damage. If your AC trips off and doesn’t seem to have any power in it, you should head over to the breaker box and inspect the fuses.

A multimeter (device for measuring electrical current) would come in useful for this inspection. If you have one, you already know how to use it, so just confirm that the fuses are still functional. If the fuses still work, and your home still has electrical power, wait a while before doing anything. This is because once a fuse has been tripped, it takes a while for the appliance to start up again. If you simply wait, the AC might come on and if it doesn’t, you might need to call an electrician.


When Last Did You Clean Your Filters?

An AC unit sucks in air in order to work and during this process, dust and other airborne particles also follow suit. This is where filters come in handy. They block these particles and ensure the only thing entering your home is fresh air. But after long periods of use these filters could get clogged, at this point, you might notice that the AC isn’t working like it’s supposed to.

To resolve this, you need to access where the filters are located in the appliance and inspect them.  If you see noticeable dust and debris built up on the surface of the filter, it is time to clean them. Keep in mind, however, that AC filters are not designed to be used indefinitely. After a period of 3 months, you should look into buying new ones.

Low Refrigerant Level

Every air conditioner requires one compound to function properly and that’s a refrigerant. These compounds have the ability to absorb heat found in the environment and convert it to cool air. It is safe to say that without refrigerants, your AC is rendered useless.

It is important to note that this fluid doesn’t last forever. Sure, you could go years without needing a change, depending on how much you use it but one day, you will. Most likely it would be the result of a leak inside the tubes and at this point the refrigerant fluid would need to be topped up.

It’s pretty easy to identify when you’re low on refrigerant fluid. Just go to the back of the unit where vents and the refrigerant hoses are located, what you’re looking for is ice build up on the surface of the AC. You might also hear a hissing-like noise. Do not attempt to replace your refrigerant fluid yourself; this type of task is better suited for professionals. Visit  to learn more.


Clean the Outer Unit

If you make a quick search on why an AC isn’t cooling properly, a dirty filter is sure to come up. But most people tend to forget about the outer unit of their air conditioner. By outside unit, we are talking about the condenser.

If the condenser has accumulated dust and dirt, its performance would surely be affected. The condenser fan would have a hard time supplying air to the outdoor coils. When this happens, the refrigerant would take longer to release trapped heat thereby resulting in poor air conditioner performance.

Neglect this problem for long and your AC would most likely shut down from overheating. This is why once in two months at least, the outdoor unit should be opened and cleaned.

A Motor Could Be Bad

Your air conditioner has motors that are responsible for spinning the fan, this, in turn, leads to a functional AC. While uncommon, it is possible for the fan motor to develop a fault. This can be easy to miss because the fan might still work even when faulty, but the low performance of the AC should give it away.

If you head to the outside unit, you might hear a creaking noise as the fan moves with difficulty. This often points to the problem at hand. Replacing or repairing the fan motor is a very delicate task and you should not attempt to do this without the aid of a professional.

Final Thoughts

After a long day outside, it can be pretty annoying to find out that your AC has developed a fault. Hopefully, after reading this article you would be able to narrow down the cause of the problem and quickly fix it if it doesn’t require the services of a professional.