The Problems with Most Online Casino Reviews


Online casinos provide services that allow users to place real money on games with the aim of making more through the game of chances. Gamers can also enjoy games for fun using the demo modes availed. Players joining a new gaming site nowadays rely on reviews to know the products and services available and their quality as well. Player reviews, testimonials, and complaints are among the sources of information that other gamblers rely on. The good thing about gaming online is that gamers can voice their opinion and complain about casino functions without fear because rules put in place by regulatory bodies allow them to.

A lot of review sites receive payments from online casinos for them to write a great review and for prime spots on their recommended list. This problem is a downside to the reviewers since most players rely on their honesty and sound advice. This makes some reviews unreliable since they mislead players instead of giving them factual information about the site they are playing in. Other factors that make online reviews unreliable include:

  • Gamers rely on reviews offered online by experienced users and developers of the players to choose games. Reports may be biased towards certain games and paint them in a bad light, and since a gambler may not have adequate knowledge on casino games, they may be duped into playing certain games that they may not even have an interest for. On the other hand, almost every review online is positive and talk about games having no flaws at all promising gamers high returns which may not always be the case since most of them are games of chance. Gamblers should read multiple articles on casino games to familiarize with the different options they have.
  • Regarding gambling laws, some reviews may not divulge details if the license a casino operates with has been revoked or expired. They may lead players into playing in unregulated sites making it hard for them to have their complaints heard since there is no control body on their side to state using laws what is right or wrong. Players from certain jurisdictions may also be restricted from playing in a particular site. Players may end up losing their money if the site does not block users using their IP addresses.
  • Most online casino reviews have a problem since they fail to touch on some of the necessary functions that players will be exposed to every time they play. They omit essential details that are of more importance to players and go with those that do not add value to the information that gamblers are after. Selective representation of virtual gaming sites is standard lowering their value to players regarding the data about a website that they present.
  • Authenticity is another problem. So many websites have come up offering the same content, but some of them cannot be fully trusted. Relying on reviews from just any site then becomes a problem because players cannot believe the credibility of some websites and by extension, thus, their products and services. The evaluation of casinos done by some sites cannot be trusted entirely.

Functions of Online Casinos

Some of the essential functions of online casinos that are presented in reviews include:

  • Games available

There are many casino games on the internet, and different people take an interest in different selections for various reasons. Some online casino reviews may fail to mention all the games available, or list titles that are not provided. Gamers can learn more about casino games using sources such as

  • Bonus provision

Players rely on online casino reviews to know what type of bonuses are available in a particular gaming site. The problem with most reviews is that they only inform players of a current promotion but fail to get down to the details of a bonus. It is essential for a player to visit the site they want to play in and go through the play through requirements to gauge if a reward is manageable and of benefit to them or not.

  • Software provision

Software provision in any online casino is essential, and players need to know what to expect regarding software in a particular casino. Most online reviews may fail to inform players about the software available and who the providers are. Some rogue casinos offer games that do not meet the initial threshold expected. Also, some offer pirated games.

  • Customer support

The main elements regarding customer support include the response time and the level of professionalism exhibited by the staff. Some casino reviews may give gamblers wrong information regarding the customer support function.

Some sites and forums act as mediators for the gamblers where complaints and problems with casinos are taken straight to the casinos in question and brought out to other players. These forums include:

  • Ask Gamblers
  • The gambling community forum
  • Casino ground forums among many others

Many reasons contribute to the reason why some reviews have problems. For starters, most of them rely on information that may be backdated. Most online websites that have casino reviews up fail to update them making the info ambiguous after some time.

For players hoping to invest or spend real money on online casinos consider many factors before settling to one casino site. Research should always involve the key points such as authenticity, time of review, the terms and conditions of the casino and many other functions.