Quick and Dirty Tips for a MUCH Better Online Slots Experience


1) There is No System.

The most popular legend about online slot games is the “systems”. Everyone has a system and they all guarantee you will win: the zig-zag system, money management strategy, dollar slots system … The truth is, none of these work. Most of these systems are older than a decade. In the 1960’s, slot machines really worked with wheels and gears. In such machines, it was possible to find some patterns. Nowadays, they do not have any functions and the reels are just a visual effect. A computer software decides whether you have won or not. This software works by using an RNG (Random Number Generator) system. Therefore, the result is determined completely randomly. In short, there is no system for slot machines – you only need luck to score a win.

2) Category Is Important Too.

There is a rule in the casino games sector: The gaudier a game is, the less chance you have to win. Progressive jackpot and video slot titles are among the most popular games. Their prizes are high but the chances of winning are extremely low. Even if the awards are not high, you should prefer machines that you can earn on a regular basis. Fruit slot games (also known as classic slots) are therefore the preference of professionals. These machines are not visually impressive and have very simple structures. Symbol and pay line numbers are also low. For the same reason, however, combinations that will generate earnings are more likely to occur. If you are playing to win rather than having fun, prefer fruit slot machines. You can visit VulkanVegas to see some examples.

3) Understand How They Work.

How do you win in a slot game? By putting the same symbols on a pay line, right? How do you determine which symbols appear on the pay lines? The RNG system decides this. In the software, each symbol has a numerical counterpart. When you press the “spin” button, a series of numbers are randomly generated (for example, 5 digits from 1 to 10,000). If these digits are the same as the numeric value of a symbol, that symbol appears on the screen. There are two conclusions you need to make from this statement: The first is that winning is based on pure luck. The second is that winning is more difficult than you think. However, this issue will be discussed below.

4) RTP Is Important.

Just because you cannot use a system does not mean you cannot improve your chances of winning. By choosing games with a high RTP rate, you can at least control your losses. RTP is an abbreviation and stands for “return to player”. It needs to be considered together with the “House Edge” concept. Here is an example: Let’s imagine you invested $ 100 in a game. How much of the money will you recover in the long run? RTP rate determines this. If this rate is 98%, for example, you will be able to recover $ 98 of every $ 100. For this reason, always choose games with a high RTP rate. You can see this value in the games’ paytable screens.

5) Watch the Lines, Not the Spins

Slot machines have two different bets: per line and per spin. Per spin represents the total amount you wagered. Let’s give an example: If there are 20 pay lines in a slot, you can place a separate bet for each line. If you deposit 0.10 coins per line, you will have a total of 2.00 coins deposited per spin. This may cause you to overheat your budget without being aware of it in the long run. Play either by reducing the number of lines or paying attention to the total bet amount: In some games, it is particularly difficult to see this.

6) Prefer Fixed Tables

The payout tables for some games are dynamic, varying according to the amount of bet you place. For example, if you a symbol may award 20 coins while playing with the minimum bet amount and 20.000 coins while playing with the maximum. In some games, the table is fixed and not affected by the bet amount. Predictably, games with fixed tables are better. Dynamic table games always force you to play with maximum bets and can cause you to consume your budget soon. Open the paytable screen and check if the prizes are changed or not by playing with the stakes.

7) HTML5 Is Good

A great deal of slot games has been developed with the Flash platform. HTML5 technology has been used since last 5-6 years. Flash is an old technology and there are many security issues. Moreover, it does not work on every platform – you cannot use it on iOS based devices. There are no such issues in HTML5. Games encoded with this technology run with the same performance on all devices and all operating systems. You can continue playing a game that you started playing on your computer from your mobile phone.

8) Read Reviews

It is always useful to read the reviews of slot games. By doing this, you can follow the latest titles, and get information about the game type and rules in advance. In these reviews, there is usually also a link that opens the free version of the game. Before playing with real money, try the free version. There is no difference between the rules and the chance of winning. Practicing is the best way to understand a game.