Slingo Online Games: A Review of this Niche

There’s a new game storming the online casino industry, and it’s got a pretty strange name – slingo! If you’re a smart cookie, you might have already figured out where this word comes from – the name of the game is a combination of ‘slots’ and ‘bingo’.

That’s right, a game now exists where you can get both your slots and bingo fix from the same bet. Fancy learning more? Read on – we’re going to be giving a review of the niche that is Slingo Online Games and don’t forget to spin the mega reel too!


What exactly is Slingo?

The game of slingo combines elements of both bingo and slot machines which results in a whole new kind of game! The gameplay is pretty simple – it’s similar to slots in that you will take a ‘spin’, but instead of matching symbols you will instead be matching numbers! You’ll have a bingo card to fill out as you normally would when playing online bingo, but nobody is calling them out – it’s all determined by the spin of the slot machine! Ready to get set up? Follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Do a bit of research and find a website offering slingo related special offers

Step 2: Once you’ve decided on a slingo game, you’ll need to register and verify your account – won’t take two ticks!

Step 3: Deposit some cash to bet with and you’re done!

It’s time to put your feet up and marvel in the wonderful combination that is slots and bingo – who would have thought!?

Why would anyone choose to play Slingo?

This combination of games might seem a little strange to begin with – why not just play slots or bingo, why combine them? Well, there are plenty of reasons you may want to do this – here are just a few of them:

          For fans of slots and bingo, it’s a no brainer to combine the two!

          As it’s a new form of casino game, special offers are plentiful

          Not got enough time to play both bingo and slots? Kill two birds with one stone!

          Stay up to date with the latest online casino games!

A couple of these are pretty obvious – why not combine the two? It saves time, money and effort, allowing you to experience both slots and bingo simultaneously. What’s more, we love staying up to date with the latest games – it help us feel young and trendy, and we get all the best special offers!

The Ultimate Spin-off

Overall, online Slingo games bring together the most exciting elements of slots and bingo, resulting in a truly fantastic online casino experience. Now that is our kind of ‘spin off’! If you’re unsure about this but you enjoy slots and bingo, seriously – just give it a try. It’s fun, quick and in our opinion better than either slots or bingo alone. If you give it a go, just remember this article when you are the one shouting “SLINGO!”