Social Slots Games – Why Are They So Popular?


Slot machines have been popular ever since they were first incorporated in people’s everyday life. The first such games came with simple drums and cards attached to them as well as included a lever, which made them spin. Later, the concept was taken to another level by dedicated game developers that produced modern-looking machines with exciting bonus features and massive jackpots. With the rise of online gambling, reputable providers like Playtech and Microgaming invested lots of time and effort to come up with thrilling online slots and later these were enhanced by making them mobile friendly.

It comes naturally that the next big hit when it comes to remote gambling are social slot games. Fans worldwide are attracted by these products that let them play amazing games and interact with other players anywhere and anytime. It’s interesting to note that there aren’t latest no deposit bonuses and codes for 2016 like there are juicy offers at standard online casinos and yet customers don’t seem to mind. Keep reading and find out what’s so special about these social reel machines and who knows, maybe the next thing you do is play one yourself.

If you’re wondering what social slots are, let us explain the concept better. Social slots are just like regular slot machines, but instead of being featured at online casinos where you can play them for real money and by yourself, these slots let you share the joy with your friends and never offer real money gambling. In other words, social slots let you have an experience similar to playing at a land based casino, but don’t include the risk of losing cash along the way. These are sites that offer real money slots.

Some players may wonder what the difference between social slots and standard demo playing mode at online reel machines is; well, the latter neither involves your friends nor lets you brag about your wins. Here lies the main reason why social slots are so attractive – they include the social aspect of the game. Players download the appropriate app, log in using social network accounts (for example, Facebook) and then they share all their achievement with the rest of the world. To make everything even more amusing and exciting, lots of the applications include leader boards and organize tournaments, meaning not only you can boast with individual wins, but also compete against friends and/or random users.


A perfect example of a very popular social slots application is Slotomania, which has already been downloaded between 10 million and 50 million times from the Google Play Store. Even one of the best-established football clubs in the world Manchester United has launched a social casino application that lets its fans play and interact among themselves thanks to the Manchester United Social Casino. Both of these examples lack the option of real money action, but that obviously isn’t a deal breaker for millions of people that want thrill and fun without investing their hard-earned savings.

In conclusion, understanding why social gaming has so many fans not long after it’s been introduced to players is easy; users are given a great selection of attractive games, whose design and special features are truly impressive. Additionally, they’re given all kinds of bonuses and rewards for their loyalty, plus they get the unique chance to measure their skills against their friends. However, possibly the main reason is the sole fact that all of these benefits are offered for free and are just a click away.