Some Tips for Artificial intelligence Cybersecurity and Machine Learning


Ai can be used to stop the advanced threats in the present and the future. Security is an evolving procedure; every day new threats appear which makes enterprise unable to keep up the pace. Data breaches, threat landscape, cyberwarfare, everything is constantly increasing. Most of the business rely on their internal hardware and resources. They have a short span of life and limited capacity. The hackers are always very innovative, they use Artificial Intelligence and bots. There is only one way to fight is by using their tactics against them. So, to do this, we need to implement Ai cybersecurity.


We need to change the system with new adaptive technology. This approach is based on machine learning which can help the organizations to dynamically change the security posture. Moreover, it can help to mitigate attacks and identify possible threats. You can read the following tips to effectively and proactively fight against incoming threats:

Fight Robots with Robots

The hackers use Ai to make attacks that can evolve on their own which can be a serious threat to the defense of the organization. But if the organization using the same approach then the defense will also evolve with the threats.

Take the Fight to the Cloud

We will personally recommend using the cloud for improving your cybersecurity. The best thing about the cloud is they are scalable which is important for machine learning. Using a cloud will give you an unlimited capacity for fighting against the attacks of any complexity and size.

Identify Team of Experts

Well, AI does not mean that you do not need people. These tools are powerful but you still need an expert team to operate them. Try to find a manufacturer that uses cloud infrastructure and have the capacity to identify and mitigate the security threat. Moreover, take the services of a vendor who is offering 24×7 security that is manageable and acts as a natural extension of the organization.

We are entering into the new world, where the traditional security systems and hardware are not enough. Ai has made impossible for an enterprise to keep up with the evolving security threats without using machine learning technologies.

Does AI Vulnerable to Data Poisoning Attacks

Although the AI has taken the cybersecurity to the next level, still the people need a proper understanding of its weakness and limits. Some of the readers may think that AI will make a 100% threat-proof system. Well, it is not true, you can get a better idea of why it is not true by understanding how all of this works.

Artificial intelligence uses statistical data to learn the behavior and pattern of the attacks. Moreover, it also learns and adapt which is a good thing but also can be a weakness. The hacker mask to look like normal behavior and send data via HTTPS to the printer. This kind of tampering is known as data poisoning attack. In short, AI is not the way to the future but still has some weaknesses that must be improved.