Sweden’s Gaming Authority Launches Campaign for Gambling Firms to Operate With Swedish Licenses

The Swedish gaming authority recently started a national campaign to promote gambling firms with Swedish gambling licenses. The unique thing about the new movement is that it compels gambling companies to follow Swedish laws. Furthermore, the gaming authority has named the campaign “games need rules.” Meanwhile, the campaign will make more players choose casinos that follow Swedish law. The casino must get its license from the Gambling Inspectorate.

Players must learn the pros of choosing Swedish gaming sites. This way, they’ll select Swedish online casinos. A gambling firm can promote this policy by ensuring players know the difference between Swedish online casinos and foreign platforms. The gaming authority has attached Swedish presenter Anders Lundin to facilitate their mission. The popular presenter will act as a spokesperson for the gaming authority. Furthermore, the gaming authority has produced three videos that push its agenda.

What you Need to Know About the Gaming License

Sweden started regulating gambling within its borders in 2019. Hence, only companies with a gambling authority license can operate in Sweden. However, Swedish gamblers can play at foreign online casinos. Gambling platforms with Swedish licenses give you access to many benefits, including your safety.

The benefits can include game breaks, self-imposed limits, and other measures that protect you. Swedish licensed casinos will also give you tax-free winnings and BankID log-in. The only downside is that these companies can only offer one bonus per player. Meanwhile, all players must deposit money after signing up.

Sweden Wants to Stop Gambling Firms Without Licenses

Most Swedish gamblers prefer playing at unlicensed online casinos. Industry experts believe more than 25% of Swedish gamblers prefer playing at unlicensed casinos. The gambling authority is trying to make sure only a few gamblers play at unlicensed casinos. Hence, the organization is working tirelessly to stop gambling firms with no license. Gambling firms can not change their website to Swedish without a permit. It is also illegal for gambling companies to allow games with Swedish kronor on their platform.

To reach as many gamblers as possible, the Spelinspektionen has made humorous videos and posted them on social media. It is bad for gambling firms to bend the rules. This makes these betting sites vulnerable and harmful to unsuspecting gamblers—no wonder the gambling authority will continue to promote only casinos with Swedish licenses.

The Role of Anders Lundin

The gambling inspectorate has linked up with Anders Lundin to reach more players. Lundin is a popular Swedish presenter who shares the ideology of the gambling authority. He has been tasked with informing gamblers about the advantages of playing at online casinos with Swedish licenses. Lundin makes multiple appearances on video. In one of his long video clips, Lundin describes what gambling companies must do to apply for licenses from the gambling authority. Lundin also talks about the disadvantages of gambling at a company with no Swedish license.

According to the report, the Swedish gaming authority can not supervise gambling companies without licenses. Furthermore, unlicensed gambling firms can not be taxed by Sweden. However, you’ll still pay taxes from your profits at unlicensed casinos. Additionally, you can claim your entire winnings when you win at a licensed casino. However, this isn’t guaranteed when you win bets at unlicensed casinos. In most cases, due to some technicalities, you will not be allowed to claim your total winnings.

The Gambling Authority Has Vowed to Promote Safe Gambling

All gambling companies in Sweden must protect players. The goal is to protect people with gambling problems. However, unlicensed casinos are not under obligation to do this. They have no plans for gambling addicts. In a call on one of his videos, Lundin insists that players must look for any sign that a casino has a Swedish gaming license. According to Lundin, once you see this symbol, you’ll know that the casino is following the law of the land. The government taxed such a casino, giving you a safety net to fall back on.

The more people are taught about unlicensed casinos and the advantages of Swedish licensed casinos, the lower the amount of gambling. Spelinsperktionen was careful to give more details about the risks of playing for unlicensed casinos. For example, there’s uneven competition in the Swedish gambling market because of unlicensed betting companies. This is the case because the government doesn’t tax these companies. Meanwhile, you can not track the financial dealings of unlicensed casinos. Worst-case scenario, unlicensed gambling companies can participate in bad dealings like money laundering since they are unsupervised. more info here (Swedish)