The Advantages that Technology has Brought to Various Aspects of Life


Technology provides numerous advantages and in various aspects of life. These are described below and include the following:-


(1) Technology provides convenience by allowing individuals access any information from anywhere and at any time. The internet provides this vast information and access to different sites including Urban Ladder regardless of location and time.

(2) It connects families and their loved ones and lets them remain in continuous correspondence and contact. This is incredibly important as it has the power to reconnect and reunite families and keep them connected. It can strengthen family bonds and ties and provides the possibilities of making new contacts, and keep friendships alive. This is accomplished through phone calls, video calls or both combined.

(3) It allows people from all over the world to connect for various purposes including work, business, education, and shopping. This is facilitated through global networks accessible via smartphones, laptops and other devices having an internet connection.

(4) It helps in increasing home security through various locking options, surveillance and monitoring options, and simulation and safety options. This increases peace of mind and lessens stress and worry.

(5) Technology conveniently allows homeowners to control home temperatures from outside and inside the house. This means that temperatures can be set and rooms readied before entering the house. This is incredibly useful in the warm season and where the climate is hot and humid. It eliminates the problems of having to hurry back home and suffer the heat because cooling was not started early.

(6) It provides multi-functional furniture, which is particularly useful for small spaces. The hydraulic bed with storage provides storage and bed options and the sofa-cum-bed provides seating and bed options. The extendable table offers extra seating options when guests arrive and are folded back/shortened when required. The pullout drawers and shelves allow for the possibility of creating organized and categorized storage.

(7) It can also combine convenience with style through automated blinds/curtains and lights. The blinds/curtains, operated by remote, are available in a variety of designs and matched with the room’s existing style. The lights are also available in different designs but their intensity and on/off option is controlled by a remote. Both of these ensure that once in bed no individual has to get out of bed to physically adjust them. They are adjustable from the bed and this makes sure that a person remains calm, relaxed and ready for sleep. In addition, automated lights gradually increasing in intensity to imitate a rising sun, are perfect for early mornings and wintertime. These ensure that a person can wake up properly (like they would in natural sunlight) and not in the dark.


(8) Technology also saves time through the automatic bed that makes itself and automatic coffee machines/tea makers with timers and settings. Once the bed is empty, the automatic bed makes itself and saves precious time in the morning. The automatic coffee machines/tea makers are set to a specific time, make the coffee/tea and pour it into the mug/cup. They can also brew the coffee/tea according to specific settings chosen and only a mug/cup has to be placed underneath. This again saves time in the morning for accomplishing other work. In addition, appliances like smart refrigerators further save time by automatically tracking, notifying, listing and ordering required items when necessary.

Therefore, technology through various methods and devices saves precious time, energy and effort. It ensures that items (information/services/products) are delivered on time (through the drones and the droids). Through virtual reality, it allows an item (already available/will be available) to be viewed to see what it looks like. Hence, technology is providing and will continue to provide countless advantages.