The Top Beds for Late Night Gamers


Do you love gaming? If you do, then I’m sure you probably stay late night playing ‘FIFA 18’ or ‘Mortal Kombat.’ As a gamer, you have one of the busiest and craziest lives. Sadly, those late hours you spend gaming are doing your body no ‘justice.’ But you’re in luck, with the innovations in mattress making, you can now game late and still have fantastic sleep.

I’ve had to struggle with the effects of late night gaming. From the constant back pains to dull days, the situation is just unbearable! But all this is about to change once you look at these mattresses:

Needle and Turf Queen

They are made from adaptive foam to give you just the right kind of support. They also have a 10-year warranty. For gamers who suffer from back pain, what you’ll love most about these mattresses is that they are great to sleep on. Even after prolonged nights; they still maintain their crisp and fresh feeling.

I also noted that these mattresses are some of the most expensive in the market today. However, they try to compensate for this by giving you a 100 day free trial period plus an extensive warranty. Don’t you think that this is somehow worth it?


Lucid 10-Inch Gel


The Lucid Gel mattresses come in two parts. First, there is the thinner layer of ventilated gel, and then there’s a thicker layer for support. It’s suitable for gamers who prefer a medium-firm base. It’s also cheap, and you can get two or more for your home. What I admired most about it is that even though it’s a medium firm mattress, it still gives you a firmer kind of support especially after a long night gaming.

12-Inch Sleep Innovations Sklyar Queen Gel

Skylar mattresses come in three separate layers. These are the: Ultra-ventilated, deep support and luxury plush. This mattress is tailored and medium firm for those gamers who either love sleeping on the side or on their back. Despite all these fantastic features, what shocked me is that it has a 20-year limited warranty!

Once I asked some of my gaming friends, they said that it has remarkable healing properties especially if you’re suffering from chronic or back pains. They add that the top layer provides incredible comfort as the other layers adequately support it. Lastly, I learned that it loses its firmness after the first couple of weeks; it makes up for it by conforming to the shape of your body.


14-Inch Classic Brands Cool Gel California King




This is a two-layer mattress which combines Cool Gel and memory foam technology. The top layer comes with a plush feeling up to 4 inches deep and for improved rest and real support. Other gamers feel that it has fantastic balance and it doesn’t heat up as they sleep.

However, it also joins the list of most expensive mattresses. But I think with the way it combines support and plush; it’s worth the price tag.

Although I’m against late night sleeping, I’m also aware that it’s tough to go to bed once the game starts to ‘heat up.’ So, as soon as you decide to ‘log out’ and go to bed, ensure that you have the best mattress waiting for you!