Things You Can Check on Google Answer Boxes Without Having to Visit a Website


Too much information in the world right now. Today a 25-year-old probably knows three times as much as the Biblical octogenarians that lived to a thousand years. To meet the demand for fast content consumption, Google launched Google Answer Boxes a few years back.


Now, you can get detailed answers on the search page without visiting a website. It saves time; it is convenient in emergencies and lightens heavy research jobs. But what can you really check on Google Answer Box? How does it work?

What is Google Answer Box? And how does it Work?

The Google Answer Box is a high ranking SERP result feature powered by content grabbed from a website that provides a detailed answer for what you have searched. Only the top credible sites with in-depth information get their content featured on Google Answer Boxes.

These answer boxes display a detailed snippet of the knowledge you would find on the best ranking site in SERPs if you were to visit it.

What Gets Featured in Google Answer Boxes?

Google’s search results may be driven by machine intelligence, but they still know what is easy and digestible in terms of content. It’s no wonder then that you may have noticed how certain types of posts appear on that top elaborative box at the top of SERPs, while others never make it.

In a nutshell, content that has the best potential to appear in Google Answer Boxes includes:

  • Listicles that answer ‘how-to questions’
  • Tables that comprehensively break down information
  • Posts on the most asked questions on Google (trendy keywords)
  • Paragraphs that specifically ask and answer user questions

Things you can check on Google Answer Box without clicking on a site

A simple one-step Google search could be all that it takes to learn what you are curious about. Provided your query falls in the content categories listed above. You will get your short detailed answer at the top of search results. Here is a sample of things that show up on Google Answer Boxes

Biology and self-diagnosis queries

Everyone is a doctor to some degree these days, thanks to Google. From skin rashes to headaches and psychological problems, people are asking Google and finding helpful answers. When you search these questions, you are guaranteed detailed clear answers in the Answer Box. Examples:

What are Goosebumps?

Wonder how and why you get Goosebumps. When you type this query on Google, a brief three-sentence answer pops up in the answer box section on top of SERPs. Without going any further, you will learn that Goosebumps are elevations on the skin caused by tiny muscle contractions near a hair follicle.

Why do I feel anxious when I drink coffee?

Don’t you want to enjoy your cup of Joe minus the side effects? This search comes up lightning-fast on Google Answer box, telling you that it is the caffeine in your cup that excites your fight or flight response.

Why is the period late?

This is one of the popular questions on Google. When you search for this menstrual health topic, Google brings up a comprehensive list of causes from contraceptives to high body weight, menopause, and others. You might not need to search any further.

Match results, lottery results and movie releases

You can get a short answer in the Google Answer Box about the goal status of a live or past match. You can similarly check lottery results or find out the hottest movies scheduled for release.

Google provides these facts fast because they are numbers, and because they are short details that take up very little space in SERPS.

General, interestingly curious stuff

Why don’t my eyes get cold when I’m freezing?

You are confident that eyes have blood vessels and nerve networks. But why haven’t you ever felt cold on this part of your body? Ask that, and Google will answer you briefly but comprehensively in the Answer Box. You will learn how tears and the numerous blood vessels in your eyes keep them from freezing.

Why must blood tests use the ring finger?

Aren’t you just curious to learn why the ring finger bears the prickly brunt of every blood test? Well, Google Answer Box tells you everything. You will learn that the ring finger has more tissue beneath the skin and, therefore, is more resistant to the risk of injury.

Nerdy engineering stuff

We are not all engineers, but the right scoop of knowledge at the right time could turn you into a rocket scientist. That sounds corny? Probably, but here are some of the exciting engineering stuff that you can quickly learn with Google.

Why do clock hands move ‘sunwise?’

You must be curious to know why clock hands move in the direction of the sun. The answer box captures details from Wikipedia, revealing how this invention was initially based on the sundial that followed the sun’s perceptive rotation.

How do TVs Work?

What is the genie in the box that makes the magic happen? Thankfully, you need never step into a physics class to learn how your TV works.

Google presents a 3 seconds read in the Answer Box section, revealing how cameras capture images and sound and turn that into a signal that is then sent through the air to the receiver on your TV.

From homework to lifestyle and business, there is no limit to what you can learn in a few seconds on Google Answer Boxes. These are exciting times to live, don’t you think?