Top 3 PDF Services to Edit PDF Metadata:


With a PDF document, you can have all the information about who created the document, when did they create the document? What software was used to create this document? What kind of restrictions does the document have and what is the resolution of the document? All this information is called metadata of a PDF file which means the data of the PDF file. So, if you want to edit this PDF Metadata, there are a few genuine and trustworthy tools available on the internet which we are going to talk about.

Here are the top 3 PDF Services to edit PDF Metadata:

1. Edit PDF Metadata:

There is no doubt that Edit PDF Metadata is very popular software in the area of PDF editing. It is one of the best PDF readers and the good thing is that it also has a PDF metadata view feature.

It is capable of displaying basic and advanced metadata information. For the basics, you can display the topic, PDF author, keywords, creation, and modification plus the application that is used to create the PDF files.

This tool allows you to view and edit important metadata information. For example, you can see the author’s name, linearized file permissions, creation and modification date and time, PDF file name, keywords, a descriptive title used, document identification, creator tool, the date of metadata, and much more information.


This is one of the most powerful PDF metadata software on this list and it also supports other raging formats. When it comes to viewing and editing the metadata information of PDF files, we recommend you this tool. It boasts of many features. For example, with this software, you can view the metadata of multiple files together.

This tool allows you to view and edit the name, creator, keyword, subject, producer, and creation date of the PDF. In addition, you can also see the modification date if there is a modification, as well as the author’s information. is a good option to try.

Once you edit the Metadata of the PDF file, then you can easily and quickly save it on your device. So, we highly recommend using this tool as it is a very easy, quick, and reliable PDF metadata editor tool that is completely free.

3. Calibre:

Actually, Calibre is not an online tool but yes you can download it to your computer, and then you can edit its PDF metadata. Also, they are offering great PDF metadata management capabilities. Moreover, you can also control it completely and manage files with the supports this tool is offering. If you have no problem downloading and use a tool, then you can go with Calibre.

Also, it has many features. For example, you can see things like creation and modification date, PDF version, size, PDF name, language, author name, page count, and many other important metadata data. Also, this tool has a good interface and this makes things easier, as seen in some other superior software.