Top 7 Mobile Apps for Writing


Writing is one of the most important skills in modern life. Whether you are in employment or at school, there’s a lot of serious writing you have to do. As a professional writer, the quality of your work will determine how well you fare in your career. To succeed in any writing is not easy but you can now leverage the latest writing tools to improve your content. If you are in college and have just searched “ help to write my paper or you want to improve you are a professional writer seeking to improve your work, the bets writing mobile apps will come in handy.


This article highlights the best mobile writing apps for writers and their features. Keep reading to improve your writing when on the go.

1. iA Writer

This is an Android and iOS writing app ideal for writing books, articles, or taking detailed notes on a smartphone or tablet. It features an easy to use interface and simple and elegant text editor. Other features include syntax highlighting, split screen among other excellent features. It is a tool every writer needs when on the move.

2. Mind Node

This is one of the most popular writing apps owing to its simplicity and functionality. It makes some mind mapping easy by allowing visualization of your ideas. Once you have an idea, you will use the app to start building on it without worrying about layout. Writers find this app ideal for brainstorming, organizing thoughts, and sharing ideas.

3. Hemingway

If you are serious about good writing, Hemingway is a must-have mobile app. The editing app help you identify structural and grammatical errors in your text by highlighting long, complex sentences and other grammatical errors.

4. Editorial (iOS)

Most writers have a problem with creating the perfect copy, and an editorial mobile app comes in handy. It is a handy editing tool that improves your content in every aspect.

5. The Brainstormer

If you have ever suffered writers’ block, you appreciate how frustrating this situation can get. The Brainstormer mobile app, it is possible to creative block and sparks new ideas. You will get a cornucopia of ideas which you can translate into text for your work. On spinning the inner wheel, middle wheel and outer wheels, you get conflict, style and setting and subject of your story.

6. JotterPad


Image 1: JotterPad at work

If you want a simple tool to give your ideas an impetus, JotterPad is the best mobile app for you. It is a handy tool for creative who write novels, lyrics, poems, essays, and screenplays. The app features a clean interface to allow the writer to focus on writing. There are no distractions on the interface and you will find amazing features such as a built-in English dictionary and keyboard shortcuts among others.

1. List for Writers

If you are in the process of writing a novel, List for Writers is a mobile app you should download. The writing tool gives you a list of prompts and ideas such character names and traits, occupations, as plot lines, and action verbs among other things.

If you have been looking for a paper writer for your college essay or you need the best tools to improve your professional writing, these tools will come in handy.