What Can We Learn from the Synthesis of Digital and Physical?

The way we see the world is constantly changing. The inevitable and unavoidable impact of technology has further altered how we actually see the world and the synthesis of the digital and the physical is becoming the new norm. How will the amalgamation of digital and physical grow and affect our lives in future?


Source: Pixabay

Artist David Hockney showed how his art could use the digital form of photographic drawing with the physical of prints in a gallery. Art often helps us make sense of concepts around us and an increasing number of artists picked up on the convergence of digital and physical and how they work harmoniously together. Some critics argue that digital art cannot be considered art (wait until they check out the Tate Modern!), while others use the digital medium of film to add an element to their physical creations. Artists such as Travis Smalley are able to use the digital to add to the physical to create an experience for the audience that takes the essence of what we know in both fields and brings them together. American graphic designer Robert Brownjohn created pieces in the 1960s that featured film being projected onto parts of the body. Indeed, the rise in screenings of film in a venue that befits the film itself – therefore creating a better experience for both being there and of the film itself – are also popular. Take the one conducted by Orillo in York that used the Yearsley Swimming Pool to air the film Jaws. The setting combined with the artistic medium to leave attendees with a greater appreciation of each.


Source: Pixabay

If Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have taught us anything, it’s that the future of our interactions will be a culmination between the digital world and the physical one. Pokémon Go enables us to catch virtual creatures by interacting with our direct, physical environment. This boosts the game from being something that solely exists in a digital sphere, while also encouraging us to view our external environment in a way that we haven’t been able to before. The amalgamation of digital and physical boosts both elements. It isn’t just this area of gaming that is using the digital/physical crossover to its advantage. If we take a look overseas at to SkyCity, we see that the famous New Zealand brand is finally online, joining several other NZ online casinos in offering a home or mobile gambling experience that replicates the elegance of the entertainment giant’s physical services. Stronger cohesion between online experiences and physical ones allows the physical casino to branch out to take advantage of a growing online sector while helping cultivate its own individual physical experience in the unique experience of visiting a land-based casino.

As smart technology continues to blur the lines between our physical world and the world that exists somewhere in the ether. This synthesis can be spotted everywhere, whether it’s digital billboards that interact with their environment to filters on Snapchat that use our physical surroundings to create digital products. The main benefit of combining the two is that their limitations are counteracted as a result and each help boost the innate strength of both physical and digital.