What Is the Best Quickbooks Alternative?

QuickBooks is currently the most popular accounting software for small business, holding up to 80 percent of the market share between their two products; QuickBooks and QuickBooks ADP. But they’re not the only player in the game, so if you’re looking for a QuickBooks alternative, this is the post for you.



FreshBooks has been attracting a lot of attention as an alternative to QuickBooks, even winning the ‘Best Accounting Software’ award from Finances Online. Where FreshBooks has the edge is in terms of billing and invoicing, which it makes super simple to use.

Some of the more advanced accounting features aren’t available so if those are on your ‘must-have’ list then you’ll need to look elsewhere. For a more in-depth comparison, read this article about FreshBooks vs QuickBooks.


Xero is another cloud-based software solution that is gaining popularity with small businesses. Where Xero has an edge is for businesses that might want to give more than one person access to their accounting. With just under nine percent of the current market share, Xero users report that the software makes accounting simple with it’s easy-to-understand dashboard.

Xero also has an automated import function that brings your transactions from banks and payment providers like PayPal directly into your accounts to be reconciled. It also learns from your previous postings and takes a ‘best guess’ as to where new transactions should be assigned. It’s features like these that are making it one of the popular QuickBooks alternatives.


When you’re just getting started in a new business, then avoiding overheads is ideal. If you’re looking for a free QuickBooks alternative, then Wave is worth looking into. Wave has the most features of the free accounting software packages and does most, but not everything, that the others do.

Another advantage that Wave has, is that it lets you manage multiple businesses from one account; something most other software packages will make you pay for. This makes it ideal for the budding entrepreneur who has several ideas on the go at the same time and makes this free alternative to QuickBooks even better value for money.


Are you looking for an alternative to QuickBooks that includes bookkeeping time? Then Sunrise (formerly known as Billy) is the service for you. If you select their gold membership plan, then you will be able to access bookkeeping support for up to half an hour per month, great for asking questions as you go rather than bottling them up until tax time!

Sunrise is popular with people in the art community due to its stripped-down features.

There are Many Quickbooks Alternatives

Although they are the big players at the moment, the many QuickBooks Alternatives available mean that there are plenty of choices when it comes to accounting packages. Choosing the right one for you may mean taking up a few offers of a free trial, so you can compare and contrast but we hope this guide is useful, especially for those of us who didn’t major in finance!