What to Know About Buying Social Media Features

Paying for social media features has become a big business as more and more people become aware of the comfort and the benefits of following this approach. There are dozens of different ways that it can be done: You can buy 20 Instagram likes, for example, or snap up a few comments for Facebook or several more followers for Twitter and TikTok. If you’re interested in TikTok; Bountii has published this comparison guide on the best tiktok bots on the market. There is an endless amount of options social when it comes to paying for social media features. It’s up to you to decide what to do. It depends on the purpose of your profile and the social network you prefer using. The features that are for sale are ones that most social networks use. Though they may have slightly different names or work in a slightly different way, they all serve the same purpose: to generate more interaction for your profile and, in turn, draw more attention its way. We know that these features will pop up organically from time to time but a steady stream of them is needed to help your profile grow and make sure that more and more new people are being made aware of what your account is about and the content you are providing. With this being the case, it is no wonder that people are spending money on being able to get even more engagement and speed up the process. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the most commonly purchased features, how they work and what to do if you are purchasing them.




Views are the most common social media feature and one that every user will get at some point or another. There is nothing too complicated about how views work: any time someone looks at content you have posted, it is counted as a view. Views are important for your profile as it helps boost the popularity of the content in question and your profile overall. When paying for views, the best advice is to add as many of them as possible to the content concerned so as to generate a buzz around it.




Likes are similar to views in that they are a relatively straightforward function. When someone views your content they then have the option of adding a like. This a way to express their approval of the post or the topic contained within it. This approval could be because they find the content funny, they agree or empathize with the sentiment or they just simply like it. There is no room for giving a more detailed explanation. Likes are an important way to gauge just how popular your content is and a good way to show this to others. As such, if you are purchasing likes, you should add as many as you can in order to get as much exposure as possible for your profile.




Comments may not be as popular as likes but there is a case to be made for saying that they are more important for increasing the overall interaction of a profile. This is because comments frequently draw more attention to a particular post and can result in even more interaction by means of likes for the original comment or responses to it in the form of further comments. While we mentioned above that likes don’t give the user in question the opportunity to expand on why they like a post, comments do. Additionally, comments also offer the user the chance to post criticism or ask questions. In this way, comments are far more flexible and provide many more functions than the previously mentioned features. With paid for comments, it is recommended that you add one at a time as this should be enough to generate a decent amount of interaction if it is framed in the right way. Furthermore, another way that comments can be used is to tag other social media users. If you do this, it will bring the post in question to the attention of the user tagged. This is a simple way to spread the word about your profile and its content.



Followers are quite possibly the most important social media feature as they are a way to guarantee continued interaction over a long period of time. Followers are other social media users who take a keen interest in your profile and its content. As a result, they decide to follow you and, therefore, are able to keep track of your profile and whenever you update it. The number of followers an account has is the strongest indicator of the overall popularity a social media profile has. This makes it into a number that people place a lot of importance on. Subsequently, a lot of people have taken to paying for followers for their account as they look to become more popular. When paying for followers to add to your social media profile, the best approach is to add a few of them to your account over a period of time. This means that there is not a sudden spike in your account’s popularity and this gives the appearance of a natural increase in your number of followers.