Why Isn’t Gambling on Video Games in Casinos a Bigger Thing?


Gambling on Video Games

Gambling on videogames simply involves stake some certain amount of cash before beginning to play a game with the expectations of getting back the stake plus extra cash according to the level reached in that particular game. You can also check The New online casinos Guide and read new interesting information.

Forms of Gambling

There are several forms of gambling, and this are;

1. Slot machines

2. Video lottery terminals

3. Electronic gambling machines

Categories of Casino Video Games

Videogames in casinos have now become more available, and these are the categories apparently accessible;

1. Caesars palace videogames

2. Super casino series

3. Casino game stubs

Why are Video Games in Casino no Longer a Bigger Thing?

Those who have played real video games don’t find it fun to give out real money to a casino for nothing in return.

Videogames are programs that can easily be mastered, and players continuously come up with new cheat codes and thus they outwit the system. This brings in the issue that the casinos will time and again lose cash to such players making the casino business unproductive. More gamers are coming up with great and attractive platforms, and this has greatly discouraged casino video games

Is Gambling in Video Games Common? If So Why?

Gaming has been a common feature, especially for the last 11 years. The reason for integrating gambling and video gaming is to explore a different avenue mainly composed of millennials and elderly gamers so that the regulators can expand the market share and increase revenues.

1. Casinos losing profits
Video games are easily mastered

Casinos are primarily profit-making institutions, and video gaming seems to be denting this main objective of theirs. Games are skill based or at least involve mastery of the same. Accordingly, any game involving skills can be well mastered through successive and progressive gaming till it reaches a point where can no longer losses. This means, at that point, it’s the casinos that will be making losses.

Casinos’ reliance on algorithms

Cash flow in casinos is based upon relying on programs and algorithms that generate enough revenue if a sufficient number of people play and lose continuously while at it. True, there are games like blackjack where the gamers can count the cards but only to the extent of their brains. In such a stage people start using uncouth methods such as bringing in machinery and equipment to “game” the system.

This, of course, leads the perpetrators of such crimes facing jail terms plus some form of backroom re-education. Is this not the reason why casinos are spending millions on the latest camera technology and facial recognition?

2. Casinos looking into other options
What are the reasons making casinos explore other options?

Videogames are becoming a liability to the casino regulators. Putting video games in casinos is proving a far much risky affair for the casino business. Difficult games can be put in place, but people will, in the end, figure out how to win at all times. Casinos are alternatively attempting to update all the machines with new versions, but the issue is same; gamers will always find new winning ways.

Online strategies and forums are where currently players convene to learn and try to game with the new systems as well as getting techniques and tricks to outwit the system.

Online gambling

The best place for gamers to have a safe gamble is gaming online. One can always try online casino and games that don’t require submission of personal details at the comfort of one’s personal home. Such online casino gaming sites include:

Ø Casino land

Ø Royal Vegas Casino

Ø Leo Vegas Casino

With such online casinos sites, regulators can determine what games to feature and those from which they will reap benefits.

3. Why videogames gambling has become more popular

Videogame gambling is growing exponentially and is becoming very popular. This is attributed to hooking traits of players it reserves. Video gambling hooks players by use of;

· Random reward schedule

· Illusion skill

· Audio and visual tricks

· Its Social, competitive nature

Government’s’ Role in Gambling

Gambling commissions in various countries such U. K. and France have called for parents to be vigilant of the dangers that playing for money poses to their children. The regulatory bodies have published papers on virtual currencies and social gaming highlighting that many video game gambling websites are illegal.

The unlicensed sites are hidden forms of gaming presenting a clear danger to kids. By this, the sites get protected.

Illegal Gambling Websites

Playing for money online is also becoming increasingly illegal in many European countries such as France and U.K. The countries are also demanding that those online gambling websites should be registered.

The only way gambling machines will take up videogames as viable options is when the games will be largely based on luck variables. At that point, gaming will be a common item on slot machines in casinos all around the world.

The concept mentioned provides the distinction of what might be termed as a videogame or not in casinos. There must be some factors of the game that players cannot control. Casinos lose a lot of money if the game gives a lot of freedom to the player.