Why VPS Hosting Is Better Than Shared

If you are confused and wondering if you should upgrade to a VPS host, then you might find this write-up very helpful in making a decision.

Many people mistake opting for the cheapest host available, such as a shared host, as the better decision when setting up their website. Not only are they prone to various security risks but they are also hindering their growth.


It is a vital principle especially in businesses that platforms and working areas with great potential and more room to grow should be invested upon when starting the business. Below are the disadvantages in using a shared host for your website:

· Security – from the name itself, shared hosts expose your website to other users of the same host. Therefore, unless you upgrade to a VPS host, then your website will be forever be exposed to the other users.

· Slow processing capacity – because shared hosts have many users, power and storage will also be shared. The more data and traffic you have on your website, the slower the response time it will have. And because you are sharing the host with other users, expect things to get slower as time passes.

· Backup and Stability – because of the number of users sharing the host, backup data will certainly be hard to secure. You will also need to deal with stability issues as shared hosts will have a hard time processing all the data from all the users from time to time.

· Limited User Configuration and Customer Support – if you want to communicate with your clients and customers with a shared host, then you might want to do it using other methods like e-mail. You will also have a hard time maintaining some applications compared to doing it with a VPS host.

With all that being said, going for a shared host might really not be a good idea. Yes, you might be able to start immediately with its cheap cost, but once your site picks up some good traffic, it might be the reason that you won’t be able to convert the traffic into money.

If you want to have a head start on your website and experience smooth sailing in handling traffic and your customer service, then signing up for a VPS host may be the best choice. Other benefits that you will enjoy with a VPS host include the following:

· Huge Storage and Fast Processing – with a host exclusively used by you, you will certainly have control over its massive storage and fast bandwidth. You can also opt to upgrade your storage should you run low.

· Back-up and Stable Host – you can easily backup your data and setup emergency measures with a fast and stable VPS host.

· Full User Configuration – with a VPS host, you can configure and install all the applications that your website needs. You can add chat support for your clients and setup a website email representing your business.

· Partitions – with partitions, you can easily set up different kinds of firewalls for security purposes. You can control who will be able to access the different areas on your website, thus eliminating major security risks.

Certainly, with all of these advantages, there is no reason for you to visit other VPS host comparisons to help you decide on what host will you use. Sign up now and acquire all of the traffic that should belong to you.