Why You Should Host PHP Websites on a Cloud Server

Cloud hosting continues to grow in popularity, largely due to its contemporary applications and considerable advantages over conventional methods. It is an alternative hosting method which is essentially an extension of clustered hosting, where websites are hosted on multiple servers.


PHP is one of the most popular programming languages of modern times, but users are often faced with a dilemma when using PHP because they are worried about selecting a hosting provider to run their website on. Though shared hosting is cheap, there are more security risks involved where hackers can easily gain access to your data, but with JavaPipe PHP hosting you are given peace of mind, alongside time to focus on your core activities. It is slightly more expensive, but its security and reliability far outweigh the negligible higher cost involved.

The cloud computing environment doesn’t depend on central software, rather running as software independent units. They are also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), and though they contain all the capabilities of physical servers, they are controlled remotely, creating a level of flexibility which is highly suitable and appealing. Below are some advantages of choosing cloud servers with PHP Websites which I hope you will find informative.


Cloud servers allow users to scale memory independently, and this translates to a preferable level of of performance scalability on cloud servers, alongside your memory storage having no limits. The most important thing to execute as a user is selecting the correct options for you, though this is a relatively basic decision which is highly dependent on your individual needs and requirements.


One of the most common advantages often promoted with cloud hosting is the security it provides. Cloud hosting is far more secure than alternative shared hosting, and this creates peace of mind for users who can be certain not to worry about Malware. Your hosting provider, whether it’s JavaPipe or another leading company, will provide security on your behalf, automatically handling this aspect for the websites they represent.

Site Run Time

Cloud servers are significantly faster than shared hosting, and when your site load time increases as it becomes more saturated with information, you don’t have to worry about your site crashing because you are operating in a virtual world on multiple servers. This means that if one server crashes, another is immediately available for your site.


Cloud servers fantastically backup your data everyday, meaning there is no fear surrounding the loss of data. Another great aspect relating to this is the option to select how frequently you want the cloud to backup your data, meaning the decision is entirely in your hands.


Whether you have a PHP stack site or are using a framework such as WordPress, cloud servers are pre-optimized for your site regardless. This added advantages means the cloud can tolerate any site made on any platform, creating a level of flexibility which is paramount to success in the online world.

These are just a few of the advantages of PHP cloud hosting, so be sure to research online to discover more. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and please comment below to kickstart the discussion.