iPhone from year 2000 – the resemblance is striking

So thanks to Google’s index from 2001 i found myself not only taking a step back in time but also seeing the future at the same time. Today everyone knows what the iPhone is but there was another device named iPhone that was seven years ahead of it’s time, namely the iPhone 2050 it even won best of CES 2000 and had the same initial price $499

Okey, so it’s not a cell phone but nevertheless it has pretty much the same features as the iPhone of today has.. Wonder what Apple would have named the iPhone if the iPhone 2050 would have been a hit

A description of the iPhone 2050

“The revolutionary iPhone is a fully integrated telephone and Internet device with a built-in touch screen to bring the world of the Internet into your home or office with the touch of your finger. It includes exclusive services and all the most popular telephone features like caller ID and call blocking, along with an Internet dial-up using PPP and e-mail access with multi-user mailboxes.”

“Additional Features:

56K modem support for dual phone lines, adjustable touch-pad screen
Laptop-size keyboard
Full duplex speakerphone
200-name address book
Three-way calling
Call forwarding
Automatic e-mail check

What can you do with an iPhone?

Send and receive e-mail
Make phone calls
Shop online
Surf the Internet
Read the news
Check the weather
Review sports statistics
Access movie information
Trade stocks
Bank online

And all of this can be accessed with the touch of your finger, while talking on the iPhone.”

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