Cygnett GrooveJets Earbuds

Manufacturer: Cygnett

Product Name: Cygnett GrooveJets Earbuds

Review Date: 10/02/08

Author: Kristofer Brozio


A couple days ago I took a look at the Cygnett GrooveAtomic Earbuds and I found them to be a good set of headphones for the price, well made and decent sounding. Today I’ve got another set of earbuds from Cygnett, the GrooveJets, I’ll be honest these aren’t as good, the sound is about the same, decent but nothing spectacular, but the build quality shocked me considering the GrooveAtomics were made extremely well.

Continue on though to check them out a bit more…

First up for you is the video unboxing of these headphones, check it out and move on to the rest of the review:


Cygnett GrooveJets Earbuds

GrooveJets – Earphones with function and form
Blast yourself away with GrooveJets high performance earbuds. Get transported to another place with a non-stop stream of powerful bass and distinctive treble, delivered in comfort snug fitting silicon adaptors.

* Ergonomic design
* Form-fit to your ear
* Powerful Bass
* Noise isolation
* Soft silicon ear adapters
* Protective carry case
* Lightweight
* 12 month manufacturer’s warranty
* Product Codes: Black: CY-3-JB

Price: $14.99

I ran into a problem with these, the set I got appeared to be coming apart at the connections, the glue I guess came loose, this is obviously not a good thing. If you look closely in this picture you’ll see where it is separated from the shiny black part of the coupling on both the divider and the actual connection jack. So right there quality is not a strong point in this product. Now it could be that the one I received was faulty, it happens… but I was surprised by the sub-par quality of these considering the GrooveAtomics that I just reviewed were very well made.


Other than the problem with the connections, the build seems good, the housing of the speakers, or earbuds is metal actually, but they are very lightweight compared to the GrooveAtomics. The lightness made me think they were made of plastic originally, but I scraped a bit with a blade and they’re just painted metal.

The sound is about the same as the GrooveAtomics are, overall it sounds a bit muffled, it’s missing the highs in the music. These are meant to have stronger bass, and they do, but not by much compared the the GrooveAtomics and my SteelSeries Siberia set.

I used my mp3 player which is an S.beat from SwissMemory for testing, it includes two 3.5mm jacks so I can easily swap sets and listen to the differences between pairs of headphones.

I played the same song for all testing, Name the Game from Crystal Method, it features good bass and lots of highs in it, along with a variety of other musical parts. It makes a nice all around good test for these and other headsets.

They are similar to the GrooveAtomics and my Siberia set in that they are comfortable for long periods, the earbuds themselves shape to your ears and help to keep outside noise out.

Overall though I am very disappointed by this product, after seeing the quality of the GrooveAtomics I was expecting a bit more from these.


DSCF6372 DSCF6361 DSCF6363 DSCF6368 DSCF6370


Well the GrooveJets from Cygnett are inexpensive, comfortable, and sound ok, but the build quality is lacking.

As I mentioned it could have been the set that I got for review, but really the GrooveAtomics that I reviewed a few days ago do sound better than these do.

Then again I guess for $15 we can’t really expect that much right?





-Set I received appeared to be coming apart

-Sound is muffled

-Missing highs in music


Overall: score-7-10

Design: score-6-10

Performance: score-8-10

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