3M Unveils Flat, Foldable HDMI Cables

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Think every HDMI cable is the same? Think again as 3M has just re-invented them I think. At least I’ve never seen a flat and foldable HDMI cable on the market. I could be wrong though as I don’t actively seek out HDMI cables with new features. I head on over to monoprice and get my cables, they work just fine for me.


3M technology and innovation is a key component in many of today’s televisions and displays, including films that improve brightness and viewing angles while reducing power consumption. The HDMI cable from 3M is based on the company’s award-winning Twin Axial Cable technology, which is used to transmit high-speed data and information in enterprise servers and super computers capable of speeds up to 25 Gbps and beyond.

Additionally, the cable has several unique qualities that separate it from competitors:

  • 3M Innovation. Traditional round audio and visual cables cannot easily turn and bend, making it difficult to use in low-profile mounted applications – like for a mounted television – or to hide the cable in highly visible areas. The thin design of the HDMI cable and our unique manufacturing process allows the cable to easily fold and make sharp turns without sacrificing the performance of the cable or the picture quality.
  • Damage-Free Cable Management. Each flat HDMI cable from 3M includes Command Brand adhesive clips to make cable management for your entertainment center more manageable. Command Products hold on strongly, yet remove cleanly allowing you to organize your cables without damaging your walls.
  • Be Cable Smart. The cable also comes with multiple colored rings to easily identify which cable goes to a specific component. No more accidental unpluggings!

High Speed with Ethernet Cable for HDMI from 3M will be available in U.S. markets beginning in the first half of 2012, with lengths up to 13 feet (4 meters). To learn more about this innovative cable, visit www.3M.com/hdmi,

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