Award-Winning Pocket Radar Speeds into the Hands of Consumers


So how would you like a personal speed radar device that fits in your pocket? Well now it’s officially available from Pocket Radar for $199.99.

Using proprietary Digital Signal Processing algorithms and state-of-the-art intelligent target acquisition techniques, Pocket Radar provides users with industry leading accuracy and speed measurement across all ranges. In creating the world’s most compact speed radar device, all aspects of Doppler radar technology have been reassessed, re-engineered, and rebuilt to achieve a unique product that delivers full-sized performance in a miniaturized package.


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Accurate to within +/- 1 mile per hour, Pocket Radar comes pre-calibrated and ready to use right out of the box. Small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, and weighing just 4.5 ounces, Pocket Radar is able to take 10,000 speed measurements on one set of AAA batteries, and includes a memory recall of the previous 10 speed measurements. Its easy one-button operation with point and shoot interface means that Pocket Radar users can get right to the action, while others are still setting up and turning on their traditional radar speed guns.

The Pocket Radar is available for $199.99 from and and comes with everything needed to get started, including the Pocket Radar, a hard shell carrying case, one set of two AAA alkaline batteries, wrist strap, and Quick Start Guide.