Black Friday: E FUN Nextbook 8" Windows Tablet is Available for $99 at Walmart

I think I posted this deal before but I think it’s worth it to post again as $99 for an 8” tablet running  Windows seems decent to me. The E Fun NextBook is running Windows 8.1 and I think it has plenty of great  features that make it well  worth the price.

With tablets establishing themselves as commonplace in schools and the workplace, it can be easy to overlook the entertainment application of these high-tech devices. There is no reason, however, that tablets can’t be used for both work and pleasure. One such tablet that is perfect for both work and play is the Nextbook 8″ tablet with Windows 8.1 from E FUN, available for $99 at Walmart stores on Black Friday. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your tablet by turning it into an entertainment hub for the entire family.

Mirror the Device to your TV
The most powerful feature for turning your tablet into an entertainment hub is its mini HDMI output, which will essentially allow you to mirror your tablet’s screen onto any television. This means that you can watch videos, play games, and access all of your favorite mobile apps on that big flat screen TV in the living room. Also, Netflix, Hulu and other online services can be streamed to any TV directly from your tablet without the need for a separate device such as a Roku or Apple TV. Have you ever wanted to play Angry Birds, watch YouTube videos or surf the Web on the big screen? The Nextbook 8″ tablet makes it as simple as connecting a single cord.

Power to the Gamer
If you enjoy playing games on your tablet but want to take it to the next level, we suggest connecting a gaming controller via USB. All you need to turn a touch screen gaming experience into an Xbox or PlayStation-like experience is a microUSB adapter and an Xbox controller. This simple alteration will drastically improve the playability of games like Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty, Halo, and Asphalt 8 to name a few. With screen mirroring enabled and a gaming controller attached, gamers of every level are sure to be impressed.

Reading is Fun Too
If games and videos aren’t your thing, use the tablet as your dedicated e-reader. Nook, Kindle and many other eBook apps are available to download from the Microsoft Store, giving users free and easy access to more than 3 million books, magazines and newspapers. The Nextbook 8″ tablet is perfect for sitting back and relaxing with your favorite eBook. 

Bring Music to Life
Music enthusiasts will be happy to hear that the Nextbook 8″ tablet comes preloaded with Xbox Music, giving you access to free radio and free music streaming for millions of songs, among several other features. Also available through the Microsoft Store are countless music apps including 8tracks radio, iHeartRadio and Spotilite to further increase your music library, and with Bluetooth, an audio jack and miniHDMI output port, there is no limit to how you can experience your favorite tunes.

To purchase the Nextbook 8″ tablet with Windows, visit now or Walmart stores on Black Friday.

About E FUN
E FUN, a designer and marketer of mobile lifestyle products, entered the North American market in late 2010. Since then, E FUN has grown to be one of the leading tablet brands at retail, achieving top five market share by volume in 2013. Its ongoing product innovation and partnerships set E FUN apart from competitors and provide customers with unique out of the box experiences. Its product offerings include Android and Windows tablets, home automation devices, and wearables. E FUN is headquartered in West Covina, California.

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