BLUETOOTH Version of EFO Multi-Touch Handheld Keyboard, Mouse, Touchpad and Laser Pointer is just launched

Efo is at it again, they’ve got several model of this great little product now. I can say it’s a great product because I have one, I have the first one actually and I like it quite a bit. It’s RF wireless and it works great for basic input and navigation. This new version is Bluetooth and it features multi-touch gestures, full keyboard touchpad mouse and even a laser pointer built in so you could use it for business type presentations.  It’s compatible with most anything that uses Bluetooth like the iPhone, iPad PS3 etc.

EFO MULTI-Touch Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard is a 4 in 1 gadget (keyboard, mouse, touchpad and laser pointer) with Full Function keys and Multi-Media Keys specially design for HTPC, IPTV, CARPC remote control. It is compatible for most Bluetooth devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, etc.


e1 e2 e3

Video Demonstration at YouTube : e4