Booq Intros the Viper Courier Laptop Bag

Back in January 2010 I reviewed the Booq Taipan Shadow XS messenger bag and I still use it today and for the most part it’s still in excellent shape. One of the little seams popped that held a plastic framing type material but that’s it, it’s still in great condition and I love it. From my experiences I think Booq makes great products, over three years for a bag says a lot about the quality of the product I think! Anyway, Booq has just announced the Viper Courier which is a cross between a sleeve and a bag for laptops and best of all it repels water which is something I think anyone can appreciate. Price is $99.95 for 13” and $109.95 for 15” size. Some pics and full info below for you..



Booq, a leading brand of premium laptop bags, backpacks and iPad carrying cases, unveils their latest laptop bag, the new Viper courier. Minimalist design coupled with intelligent pocket-ability make this ultra-slim fitting bag the right fit for any 13”-15” Mac or PC. Organically dyed and water-repelling, the Viper courier’s exterior was fabricated using a natural fiber developed exclusively for this series. The bag zips open to feature an interior lined with durable nylon fabric and a densely padded notebook compartment that keeps your laptop protected and scratch-free. With tuck-away carrying handles and a removable seatbelt nylon shoulder strap, the Viper courier is your most comfortable and stylish companion for under the arm or over the shoulder. The Viper courier is now available on for $99.95 (13” Mac or PC) and $109.95 (15” Mac or PC).

Viper courier:

Viper courier keeps booq’s intelligent design in this innovative bag that fuses a computer sleeve with a slim bag in one. Its understated form offers an ultra-slim fit without compromising storage space or adding bulk. High performance YKK zippers open up to a main compartment that features a pocket specifically designed for your iPad, two pen slots, and a zippered pocket to fit your creative tools. A pocket on the back side of the bag’s exterior offers plenty of room for your most needed paperwork and other flat items, including a concealed quick-access pocket for your iPhone.

“Computer sleeves just don’t cut it in today’s day and age,” says booq’s Lead Designer, S. Kema Subsomboon. “The Viper courier takes a computer sleeve and transforms it into a slim-fitting bag, so that the rest of your stuff can fit with your computer, and vice-versa. We wanted to make something minimalistic and lightweight that was also strong and durable, but with a natural and stylish feel. The seatbelt shoulder strap not only makes the bag comfortable to carry, but gives it an urban look and feel that’s still professional.”

The Viper courier comes in an understated grey color that’s been organically dyed and made waterproof to endure even the toughest of days. All bags come tagged with a Terralinq serial number. Once registered, the booq Terralinq service may help reunite you with your lost & found bag.

Viper courier is now shipping and available for $99.95 (13” Mac or PC) and $109.95 (15” Mac or PC) at and various retailers throughout the U.S