CES2011: Clickfree Introduces the Easiest Way to Backup Multiple Computers and Protect Data with New Clickfree Wireless

We’ve covered Clickfree products before and they work great for backups, which hopefully is something you’re doing all of the time. Backups are important for many reasons, I’ve learned the hard way many years ago about regular backups. No I do backups or my backups actually just to be on the safe side.

Clickfree, the inventors of effortless automatic backup, today announced the launch of Clickfree Wireless in the U.S., giving customers the simplicity of Clickfree’s totally automated backup solution with the benefit of a wireless connection. Clickfree Wireless will backup as many computers as the customers needs, both Windows and Mac, making it the ideal solution for both home and office.



“With our proprietary Backuplink™ technology which makes the once complex task of backing up digital content on a network totally effortless, we have ensured everyone can use our Wireless Backup device.”

Clickfree Wireless will be on display for the first time in the U.S. at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, which runs Jan. 6-9. Clickfree can be found in the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, booth #36512.

Setting the standard and defining the term, ‘effortless backup,’ Clickfree has completely eliminated the need to download, install and configure software. Consumers don’t have to know anything about their home’s wireless setup or network configuration. By simply plugging the Clickfree Wireless device into each computer and performing an initial backup, all settings will be found and configured, and backups will be done automatically using 802.11n wireless technology. The device can be placed anywhere in the home, and does not need to be plugged in to any of the computers for it to continue backing up and safeguarding customers’ digital data.

Irreplaceable photos, music, videos and other documents on the home or office network will be protected and are incredibly easy to retrieve as well. In addition, customers can search and restore lost files, photos and other digital content over the wireless connection.

“Clickfree has made setting up a wireless backup device as easy as just plugging it in to your computer,” said Bryan McLeod, CEO of Storage Appliance Corp. “With our proprietary Backuplink™ technology which makes the once complex task of backing up digital content on a network totally effortless, we have ensured everyone can use our Wireless Backup device.”

Key Benefits

  • No software to download, setup or install
  • No network or wireless expertise required
  • Automatically backup PCs and Macs wirelessly
  • Backup files that are currently in use
  • Import, transfer and backup music and playlists from iPods, iPads and iPhones
  • Easily upload photos directly to Facebook
  • Archive important files to DVDs/CDs for additional security
  • Easy-to-use totally automatic restore process

Capacities, Prices & Availability

Clickfree Wireless Backup is available now online from Clickfree.com. The MSRP for a 500GB is $179 and 1TB is $249. Larger capacities will be available in Q1 2011.

  3 comments for “CES2011: Clickfree Introduces the Easiest Way to Backup Multiple Computers and Protect Data with New Clickfree Wireless

  1. Cjhurman
    January 17, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Note to ALL Apple Airport Extreme users, the Clickfree Wireless does not work with any dual-band router.

  2. Jon Sirota
    February 25, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    I recently purchased a Clickfree C6 based on the description.  Sounded totally automatic, and with the disk size provided, sounded like it would work well as a backup device.

    Upon receipt, I plugged it in and went through the minimal setup and proceeded to back up my desktop computer.  It was great – at least up till then.

    I have been trying to update the backup using the automatic scheduler and also manually, and all I get is error messages.  I have contacted Clickfree by email, and I got back some suggestions.  They did not fix the problem.  Clickfree’s phone hours are very limited (10am to 4pm EST), so for those of us who are away from our desktops during those hours, that appears to be useless.

    So I am afraid, unless I get some further response from Clickfree, I have purchased an external drive that might be best used as a boat anchor, although only for small boats, because it is not very big.

  3. BT
    February 27, 2012 at 7:06 am

    There should be a similar system to, Microsoft’s operating system: ‘System Restore’ of backing-up data onto Click storage devices with infinite back-ups dependent on the amount of storage space.

    This is because if any corrupted or wrongly edited data is stored to any Click Drive, the previous correct versions are completely lost, which could actually and literally mean all data on the  computer.

    Only when stored data is actually restored and checked that it can be verified if the data is correct.

    There is no information about storing a computer’s data on to Click and then restoring it into incremental  folders to alleviate lost of information.

    To tell or imply to users that Click with only a single back-up is completely safe is completely misleading.  Especially when modifying the software to save increments into different folders if users want to do would make data much safer.

    It would be an excellent idea if Applications could be saved if they can be restored without the original disk- Call it the, ‘Advance Tab’ and make it free to existing owners: I have a C2N 1TB drive and live in the UK.

    How much electricity does the C2N 1TB uses in not only; normal processing mode but when not doing anything?

    Why can’t Click back-up if the computer is in sleep mode?

    Why can’t Click automatically go into sleep mode and switch on for the schedule back-up and if the computer is switched off either switch its self into sleep mode or switch its self off?

    Information given doesn’t mention anything about cleaning and defragmenting Click’s hard drive why not?

    Intel has created a smart technology which should enable a solid state drive to at least significantly increase an hard disk drive’s performance.  What is the procedure for me to use my Corsair 128GB SSD to increase Click’s speed, which it should be doing to my 2TB hard disk drive? 

    Before I forget, what should be the procedure to trick the software into thinking that I am using more than one computer so that Click backs up each time onto a different computer whilst I am only using just a single computer? At the moment I have 3 computers listed on the summary when the most I should have is two because I have two computers. I cannot get into my old computer because I have forgotten my Windows XP passwords (Administrators and users).

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