Compro Launches TN600W Cloud Camera

It’s a shame we live in society where everything has to be monitored isn’t it? I mean really, we can’t trust anyone to do what they’re supposed to do and not do bad things, we need cameras everywhere. Cameras aren’t just for security purposes though, they can be used to monitor your kids or even your animals and you need a good camera really, and thankfully they’re getting better and prices are dropping so now that pretty much anyone can afford a decent camera to monitor things while they’re away. Compro has just announced  anew camera that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on, the TN600W which is what they’re calling a cloud camera but what I really like is the built-in infrared LEDs so it can see in the dark. The camera also has the ability to quickly connect to and be monitored by an app right on your phone or tablet, no special training needed, just scan the QR code and you’re ready to go. I don’t see a price listed, but I’ve got some pictures for you along with the official PR…

TN600-1 TN600-2 TN600-3 TN600W 

Compro Technology, Inc., a global leading maker of cloud network cameras that delivers innovative and easy-to-use products to consumer, announces today the new TN600W cloud camera and richest Apps of C4Home. When the camera is combined with powerful Apps, you can view detailed high quality video on your smartphones, be alerted with smart phone notification when motion is detected and view all of the important motion detected snapshots from the cloud for anywhere, anytime access.

Compro TN600W camera offers an advanced pan and tilt mechanical design with the latest cloud technology and super easy QR code cloud installation, let you install camera and start monitoring from your smartphone or tablet in seconds. The on-board IR LED enables 24/7 monitoring of the things which you care about the most. The camera is also capable of recording to microSD card should it detect a motion and the video can be retrieved and played back from the C4Home App. Last but not least, you will be able to rotate the lens in the exclusive C4Home smartphone App and ask the camera to travel to a preset point such as hallways or window with a single touch.

The camera is made to start streaming over the internet with the easy 1-2-3 installation and now we are tightening the integration on the cloud with C4Home V1.15 update to the Apps. Compare to V1.05 Apps, it improves the following function:

– iOS 7 support

– Add "Flip Mode" settings

– Support PIR detection settings and event notifications

– Support configuration for WiFi AP with hidden SSID

– Support event deletion

– Localization for Russian, Swedish, Romanian, Turkish, Polish, German, Thai, French, Bulgarian

These new features are available as a free update from the existing C4Home and Compro TN600W camera users in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The Compro TN600W cloud camera, when combined with the C4Home Cloud platform, offers industry leading 1-2-3 installation, so people can start viewing the things they care right after opening boxes. The C4Home platform utilizes bank level SSL encryption on all transmissions to protect your privacy.

C4Home cloud platform empowers users with a new digital lifestyle with access anytime and anywhere technology. It combines the best of both worlds by integrating video surveillance and home automation under a single APP. C4Home is more than a conventional VSaaS, it is a platform is built with OPENNESS in mind, which allows us to integrate cameras, security sensors, home automation devices, NVR and e-health devices.