DivX Releases New DivX Plus Software Package for Easy Playback of HD Video


DivX is popular everywhere and we all like free right? So go over and grab the new version of the DivX Plus package to get your HD on! Starting today you can go and download DivX plus for free, it’s actually four products in one the Player, Codec pack, Web Player and Converter.

DivX, Inc. , a leading digital media company, today announced that the latest version of the Company’s flagship video software package, DivX Plus(TM) Software, is now available as a free download for Windows 7, Vista and XP on the Company’s website at www.divx.com/software/divx-plus

The completely redesigned DivX Plus Software offers users an uncluttered and easy-to-use interface for the playback of DivX video on the desktop and in the browser, including DivX Plus HD video, which supports up to 1080p HD H.264-based videos in the popular MKV file format.

The DivX Plus software package is comprised of four individual products: the DivX Plus Player, the DivX Plus Web Player, the DivX Plus Codec Pack, and the DivX Plus Converter. The DivX Plus Player includes the all-new DivX To Go feature, which makes it easy to transfer videos from the computer to any of the 250 million DivX devices that have shipped worldwide from major brands, including DVD players, Blu-ray players, digital televisions, gaming consoles and mobile phones.

"DivX Plus software represents a major step forward in our mission to create a seamless, high-quality media experience that empowers consumers to enjoy the content they care about not just on the computer but on any device in their lifestyle," said Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX, Inc. "Our new software connects the content that millions of users watch on their PCs to the millions of DivX devices all over the world, offering a bridge between the Internet and the living room."

  Key features of the DivX Plus software package include:

  --  Easy video transfer to DivX Certified devices--DivX To Go ensures that
      any video file played in the DivX Plus Player can also be played in
      any one of the 250 million DivX devices shipped into the global
      market. DivX To Go is an intuitive, step-by-step wizard for
      transferring videos from the DivX Plus Player to DivX Certified
      devices, such as DVD players, DTVs and the PlayStation® 3.
  --  Broad Playback Support--The DivX Plus Player and DivX Plus Web Player
      offer high-quality video playback of a wide variety of formats,
      including the latest versions of DivX and DivX Plus codecs and new
      components for playback of DivX Plus HD video in the MKV/H.264 format
      on Windows 7. The DivX Plus Codec Pack also provides an enhanced DivX
      playback experience through third-party players such as Windows Media
      Player and media extenders.
  --  Stunning HD Video in Your Browser--The new DivX Plus Web Player offers
      high performance DivX and DivX Plus HD web video streaming with
      surround sound and subtitles through standard HTTP servers and
      JavaScript programming as a plug-in for Google Chrome, Firefox,
      Internet Explorer and Safari.
  --  MKV Streaming to Gaming Consoles--DivX Plus Software streams HD
      content in the MKV format to the PlayStation® 3 or Xbox 360 with the
      new DivX Plus Codec Pack, which enables Windows 7 to play MKV files.
  --  High Quality Video Conversion--The DivX Plus Converter was completely
      redesigned and is now offered free of charge for conversion of 1080p
      HD content to DivX Plus HD, which is based on the MKV file container
      and H.264 codec.

"DivX Plus Software makes the HD video experience intuitive to users with all levels of expertise," said Guto Araujo, Vice President and General Manager, Software and Services, DivX, Inc. "To the experienced user, it offers a range of streaming, converting, and web video publishing tools. Through uncluttered and easy-to-use playback screens, the software also lets all users simply enjoy full screen DivX Plus HD videos even on lower powered computers such as netbooks."


Starting March 16, 2010, the DivX Plus Software is available around the world in the following languages: simplified and traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

For more information about DivX Plus software, visit www.divx.com/software/divx-plus


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DivX, Inc. is a leading digital media company that enables consumers to enjoy a high-quality video experience across any kind of device. DivX creates, distributes and licenses digital video technologies that span the "three screens" comprising today’s consumer media environment–the PC, the television and mobile devices. Over 250 million DivX devices have shipped into the market worldwide from leading consumer electronics manufacturers. DivX also offers content providers and publishers a complete solution for the distribution of secure, high-quality digital video content. Driven by a globally recognized brand and a passionate community of hundreds of millions of consumers, DivX is simplifying the video experience to enable the digital home.


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