Eye-Fi Partners with Devicescape To Add Hundreds of Thousands More HotSpots


Hmm, hundreds or thousands sure seems like a lot doesn’t it? Well that’s because it is, and it’s world wide! You’ll of course have to buy a HotSpot plan to take advantage of it but it’s relatively inexpensive at $29.99 per year, and right now until May 31st if you bought the new Connect X2 or the Geo X2  you can get it for only $14.99 per year.

The expansion is made possible through a partnership with Devicescape, a provider of Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for mobile devices. Eye-Fi X2 users with Hotspot Access will automatically benefit from the service expansion in several ways:

  --  Eye-Fi users with a personal hotspot subscription to a Wi-Fi hotspot
      provider, such as Boingo, BT Openzone, T-Mobile, SFR, Orange and
      Vodafone, can add their existing credentials to their Eye-Fi account
      to upload in these supported locations, and potentially expand their
      hotspot upload coverage to millions of hotspots.
  --  Eye-Fi users at schools and universities across the world can now add
      their campus Wi-Fi network credentials to their Eye-Fi account.
  --  Eye-Fi users will be able to automatically upload through hundreds of
      thousands more open hotspots because the Eye-Fi card now navigates
      through splash screens.

Beginning June 1, 2010, the expanded Hotspot Access service will be available as an upgrade for $29.99 per year. As a limited time offer, the Eye-Fi Connect X2 and newly released Eye-Fi Geo X2 can be upgraded to a year of Hotspot Access service for $14.99 until May 31, 2010. The Eye-Fi Explore X2 and Eye-Fi Pro X2 cards include one year of Hotspot Access service and will benefit from the expanded footprint in May.

Web Site: http://www.eye.fi/