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So I’ve got  some info for you from yesterday’s Facebook F8, it’s basically a collection of excerpts from PR that I’ve received about new apps and upcoming integrations. It’s stuff that you may not have heard about, personally I couldn’t care less about the changes to Facebook. Yes I use it, but I don’t feel my life should revolve around it or any other ‘social network’ for that matter.  I don’t feel as if my life will end if I don’t update for a few days as I know some people do. Anyway, here’s the info for you to go over at your leisure..



MOG Launches Facebook Integration to Make Listening to Music Online More Social

"We’re announcing that MOG’s state-of-the-art, on-demand and free listening service is now integrated with Facebook Platform," said David Hyman, CEO and Founder of MOG. "We put blinding focus on making it incredibly simple to find the music your friends are listening to. Through Facebook Platform, the MOG experience is now more personal and relevant for each person, representing the pinnacle of music discovery."

When people connect MOG to Facebook, they can share posts of their activity on Facebook, and discover new music based on what their friends are listening to.

For more information, visit www.mog.com and MOG on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MOG.


Emmis Launches Partnership with Jelli to offer Hot 97, Power 106 and RXP to Facebook listeners

Jelli announced that it has integrated with Facebook to make listening more social. It is now easier than ever to discover and listen to new music with friends. When listeners connect with their Facebook accounts, they can effortlessly share what they’re listening to with their Facebook friends, who can quickly tune in and help shape the playlist.

Jelli and Emmis are collaborating to bring the authenticity of the biggest brands in radio, HOT 97, POWER 106 and RXP, to the Facebook Platform.  With Jelli, every song is chosen by a group of listeners in real time.  The social functionality brings listeners together in a fun social atmosphere. Users can chat with other listeners, vote for what they want to hear and "rocket" their favorite songs to the top of the playlist – all while sharing their music with their Facebook friends.

Emmis Communications’ HOT 97, Power 106 and RXP brands will be available on Facebook in partnership with Jelli on September 22, 2011 by logging on to www.Jelli.com/hot97ny, www.Jelli.com/funkmasterflex,www.Jelli.com/throwback, www.Jelli.com/power106 and www.Jelli.com/rxp


Slacker Radio Announces New Music Discovery Social App On Facebook at F8 Developer Conference

"We’re announcing Slacker Radio on Facebook as a new way for people to connect around listening to music. Facebook users who add Slacker Radio to their Timeline are able to personalize their listening experience, publish their music story to the Dashboard and discover music with their friends on Facebook," said Jonathan Sasse, senior vice president of marketing at Slacker.

Through Facebook Platform, people can share the experience of the social app with their friends, making their online experience more personal and relevant.

Please visit the Slacker website for more information at http://www.Slacker.com.


Chegg Announces New Facebook Integration

The new app will give Chegg users the ability to share their college course selection – past and present – on Facebook with only the touch of a button.

The app will be available to all students and will initially start with course listings for more than 1,000 colleges and universities and continue to expand. The app will also allow students who use Chegg and Facebook within these universities to share previous or current course selection on Facebook using a simple widget embedded within their Chegg profile.

To learn more about Chegg’s social education platform and its network of services, go to www.chegg.com.


Gogobot Integrates with Facebook for New Social Travel Experience

"The story of our lives is told through the places we have been.  With the new Facebook integration, Gogobot allows travelers to tell their story like never before – sharing their travels and favorite memories with their friends," said Travis Katz, CEO of Gogobot.

The new integration allows people to enrich their Facebook profiles with visions of their travels, adding beautiful interactive travel maps showcasing the places they’ve travelled; highly-visual ‘Travel Collections,’ where people can showcase photos and details from their most recent trips; the bucket list of places they want to go, recent badges and more. 

The various boxes can be added to peoples’ Facebook profile with a single click, tapping into a user’s own photos or using Gogobot’s library of more than 110,000 high resolution travel photos to customize their profile and share their favorite places.  With the new integration, people can show off their latest San Francisco vacation, their favorite restaurants in Rome, or create a Facebook travel map to share the places they have been to their friends on their Facebook profile.

Additionally, through Facebook Platform, people can share their experiences from Gogobot with their friends via the Facebook newsfeed, making their online experience more personal and relevant.

Web Site: http://www.gogobot.com


Kobo announces new social eReading features on Facebook at f8 developer conference

"Kobo will soon launch a revolutionary advancement in social eReading, and this news will change the nature of how and what we read," said Dan Leibu, chief technology officer, Kobo.  "Our extremely popular Kobo Reading Life app was the first social platform to deliver interaction to eReading.  Kobo is committed to staying on the cutting-edge of social eReading to realize our mission of inspiring more people to read by allowing them to share thoughts, insights and experiences."

Kobo Reading Life, one of the industry’s first comprehensive social reading experiences, is available on all of the company’s apps and devices including the innovative Kobo eReader Touch Edition and apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.   Reading Life allows people to connect with their friends on Facebook and see what books they are reading, see books in common, ask for recommendations, compare awards and reading stats, and share their favorite quotes and passages, notes and thoughts with followers. Kobo offers free eReading apps for most computers, smart phones and tablets on the market today.

Through Facebook Platform, people can share the experience of the social reading app with their friends, and discover new books through friends, making their online experience more personal and relevant.

For more information on Kobo visit www.kobo.com.


Artez Interactive announces new social fundraising app – built on Facebook – at f8 Developer Conference

Artez Interactive announced a new Facebook app that enables friends to share the charities and social causes they support through the Facebook Platform.

Artez was one of a new class of apps announced at f8 to integrate new Facebook features. The Artez app makes it possible for people to connect around charity online with their friends like never before.

The Artez feature works in the following way: When a donor is on a charitable site enabled with this new app, a box will appear after they have completed their donation to ask,  "Spread the word….share with friends" on Facebook?"  When a donor agrees, her Facebook News Feed is updated with "Kiran Balladinhas donated to ABC charity with Artez Interactive."  No confidential information or contribution amounts are posted, rather a simple message highlighting the donor’s action for a worthy cause.

In addition, the charitable organization receives a positive personal brand endorsement to an entirely new network, ultimately increasing the charity’s own brand profile and reach. And as donors interact with the app, their friends can discover the charities that they care about.



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