Find You Lost Phone with SeekDroid

I’ve never lost or had a my phone stolen thankfully, I’m not sure what I would do if it ever happened. I know I wouldn’t be too happy about it. I do have two phones I use though, an Android and a WP7, so if I lost it I would have a backup of course. I would though be out the money that I spent on the phone. SeekDroid is a program for your Android phone that can help you get your phone back possibly, or at the very least let you remotely wipe or lock the phone so your data will be safe. I think it’s a neat little program that could be worth it.

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The founders of GT Media LLC have developed SeekDroid – an Android application designed to provide a cost-effective solution for tracking and securing lost or stolen Android devices from

Installed on the device, SeekDroid provides users with remote access features, such as tracking the device on a map, setting off an audible alarm, locking the device remotely, and wiping it of all its data. SeekDroid works like a secret agent, never running in the background, using no battery power, and remaining undetectable by thieves until called it into action.

SeekDroid provides users with the tools to locate their device any time, day or night. Like a secret agent, users can log into to enable the GPS capabilities of the Android device and pinpoint its location. For devices that are lost closer to home, SeekDroid allows users to set off an alarm to figure out which seat cushion it is hiding under. If the device is stolen, SeekDroid gives the power to create a new screen lock code, rendering the device useless to a thief. Users can access their phone remotely whether there is a SIM card in the phone or not, and can even see the cell phone number of the “new owner” if it is replaced.

The most frustrating part of not having a cell phone, whether it was lost or stolen, is not having access to all of the information it holds. With SeekDroid, users can check their missed calls, so their lives are not put on hold while they work to retrieve their phone. As a secret agent, SeekDroid also enables users to lock the device or wipe all of the information, keeping it from falling into the wrong hands.

SeekDroid isn’t just for CIA agents with government funding. Unlike many of its competitors who charge a monthly rate, there is only a small one-time fee to download and install SeekDroid. Download SeekDroid at the Android Market or Amazon Appstore.