Free Game: Blood & Glory for Android and iOS

Got a good free game for you guys and gals from Glu Mobile. The game is Blood & Glory and it’s for both Android and iOS devices and it’s a third person style gladiator style game. I’ve already grabbed and it and the graphics are very good for a free game. It’s form Glu so we should expect good things from it, at least that my experience with them.


gladiator-001-no-blood-lg gladiator-002-lg bg 


Glu Mobile,today announced the new Blood & Glory App for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.  In this slash and swipe style action game, players must defend their honor and entertain blood-thirsty crowds demanding strength, courage, and a fight to the death! Blood & Glory gladiators will thrash through tournament-style battles in Glu’s HD, console-quality arena. Only the most skilled will earn the Invictus Victory – the gladiator symbol of perfection.

From start to finish, players will be challenged by Blood & Glory’s tournament format. Game mechanics and fighting styles place added importance on player skill and strategy. Blood & Glory’s most honorable gladiators must utilize advanced techniques and weaponry to achieve the ultimate glory, including:

  • SWIPE & SLASH GORE. Take to the arena in the most graphic swipe and slash fighting game on mobile.
  • LETHAL WEAPONS & ARMOR. Equip an arsenal of lethal weapons and armor tailored to suit all fighting styles including blades, shields and destructive duel weapons.
  • SPECIAL ATTACKS & COMBOS. Complete special attacks and combos for the most devastating victory!
  • INVICTUS VICTORY. Be a real champion and earn Invictus medals with flawless tournament wins. Don’t lose and never surrender!

Only strong and courageous Social Mobile gamers should download the Blood & Glory App today from the Android Market and the Apple App Store.