Free iOS App: Insert-A-Zombie

Just I time for Halloween, a free app for you that’s called Insert-A-Zombie and it’s just what it sounds like. You can insert zombies or ghosts into any photos you’ve taken with this great little free app. There’s 110 choices, with 20 of them being ghosts, just insert one and share your creations with your friends!


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Insert-A-Zombie, by Phillip James LLC, allows you to transform an ordinary snapshot into a great Halloween photo by posing with the undead! Insert-A-Zombie for iPhone & iPod Touch lets you easily insert a zombie into any photo, or into one you are about to take. Choose from 110 Zombies – 20 of them ghosts – move them into position, make them the size you need and save. Once they’re saved, they’re yours to share on Facebook or by email! See how creative you can get, then show your friends!

Insert-A-Zombie features professional models that were photographed and preprocessed to match most photos taken on the iPhone, creating a more realistic Zombie photo. Insert-A-Zombie’s graphics support the Retina display and iPhone 4’s superior camera. Plus, you can create photos in both portrait and landscape modes.

Zombies include Businessmen, Nurses, Prom Queens, Prisoners, Hot Housewives, Brides, Football Players, Women in Dresses, and more! Visit or go to the iTunes store to see more! App will be free for a limited time, then available for $0.99.