Gravity Bear announces debut title Battle punks

Gravity Bear, a new breed of social games company, announced today its debut title, Battle Punks, an original game application built for the Facebook® Platform. Battle Punks is the first 3D social game of its kind.  Set against a vibrant tableau of fantasy locations, it combines stellar game design with the latest in social networking technology. Players will take their custom-created avatars on a heroic journey, proving themselves in boisterous combat against millions of other avatars in a bid to become the toughest, scrappiest fighter in the kingdom.

Battle Punks delivers a raucous journey where players tromp and battle their way through festive towns, shadowy forests, gloomy swamps, and beyond. Using an advanced character creation tool, players craft one-of-a-kind personas, then throw-down against anyone in the Battle Punks community, in order to win prized weapons, spells, experience and treasure. Strategically outfitting their characters before each fray, players choose from their armory of collected Battle Items, in order to give their dauntless champion the best tools for the job. 

“Our goal with Battle Punks is to help people have fun and deeply memorable experiences with their friends through games", said Phil Shenk, Co-Founder and CEO of Gravity Bear, “This is the primary mission of Gravity Bear, so our first title is designed from the ground up to be a shining example of that philosophy of community and fun. We can’t wait to build a new community of people who simply love games as much as we do.”

In Battle Punks, players can test their mettle in a beautifully realized world unlike anything currently available on social networks. Using a sophisticated 3D engine to render both characters and environments, the Battle Punks Universe is filled with colorful environments, towns and characters. Battle Punks introduces a bold new look to the exploding world of social gaming. 

Helping optimize the game experience behind the scenes are the innovative technologies from strategic partner SQLstream. Their application allows developers to monitor and analyze metrics in real-time, which will be a huge benefit to the deployment and growth of Battle Punks. With SQLstream’s tools in their arsenal, Gravity Bear has the power to connect with gamers as never before.  With the explosive growth of the social games space, Battle Punks is uniquely positioned to bring something new and unique to all kinds of gamers– casual, hardcore or anywhere in between.

Developed by Gravity Bear, Battle Punks is currently scheduled to enter open beta during the 2009 holiday season on the Facebook Platform.

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About Gravity Bear

Gravity Bear is a new breed of social games company formed in 2008 with the goal of blending the best in online social platforms with the latest in modern game design and technology. Led by company co-founder and gaming industry veteran Phil Shenk, the crew at Gravity Bear delivers gaming experiences built on a sturdy foundation of creativity, fun and skillet-fresh design supported by cutting-edge technology. Gravity Bear is located in sunny Emeryville, California, where they share office space with a tribe of equally motivated hamsters. For more information on Gravity Bear, please visit: Follow the Gravity Bear Blog at: