Free App: Metal Face for iOS

Here’s another free app for you, this one though I’m certainly not interested in, some apps are just goofy. That’s my opinion though, yours could be different. The app is called Metal Face and well it basically shows you what you’d look like with piercings in your face and mouth. To each his own…

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Look, we both know you’ve always wanted snake bites, a ruby labret, and a madonna that you could show off to your friends. Well here is your chance! Plus you can unlock new piercings with Facebook! You’ll be cooler then Charlie Sheen riding a Lazer Tiger.


* 6 Piercings to choose from including: Ring, Madonna, and Snakebites!
* 3 Unlockable piercings that can be unlocked with the power of Facebook!
* State of the Art HD Graphics
* Post your favorite Piercing combination to Facebook!