id America Intros Graffiti Series of Cushi Plus Cases for iPhone 5

I’m not sure I’d want someone else’s graffiti on my phone?! I mean would you really? These cases from id America are urban-inspired using real graffiti designs from around New York, and they’re for the iPhone 5 of course. The designs are on the id America Cushi Plus cases and I guess if you’re into that sort of thing you might want to pick on up… Me personally, I’ll have to pass…



id America, premium manufacturer of innovative mobile accessories introduces the Graffiti Series, adding flair to their existing line of Cushi Plus cases for iPhone 5. id America’s urban-inspired cases feature bold colors and vivid illustrations from well-known, New York based graffiti artists.
The Graffiti Series is inspired by the authentic graffiti designs found throughout the local streets of Manhattan. id America invited influential Brooklyn and Manhattan-based graffiti artists DCEVE and Stae2 to tag custom graffiti on their neighborhood walls. One photo shoot later, the custom graffiti designs were converted into one-of-a-kind protective cases for the iPhone 5.
DCEVE, a member of the SMART CREW artist collection, brings his signature style of clever and fun creativity. New York City based, DCEVE found inspiration at the age of 11 noticing the painted highways of north Queens. His work can be seen in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.


Stae2, known for his versatile approach, contributes his colorful compositions of dynamic, whimsical, and cartoon style features. His artwork shares a blend of classic, contemporary, funk and soul. Stae2’s work can be seen in New York City and across North America including globally published projects such as The Graffiti Exchange.


The Graffiti Series combines full-color printing and premium 3D padded skin to create the perfect blend of style and protection to the iPhone 5. The soft foam cushion and Cushi Band frame provide complete protection against scratches and drops.
Cushi Plus Includes:
•    Cushi 3D Padded Skin (Front and Back)
•    Cushi Band
•    Cushi Home Button
•    Clear Front Screen Film
•    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
•    Installation Squeegee
Check out the video for more information about the id America + artist collaboration at One Shot Deal. For additional information about id America’s complete line of innovative digital accessories, visit,